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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WILLIAMS, Sep 6, 2004.


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    Ever been almost run over by your customer while cutting grass on your mower, walk behind, or weed eating.
  2. Palmer Lawn Care

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    hmmm, not sure what you are trying to say... but...
    How can you be ran over by your customer if your on the grass, and they drive their vehicles on their driveway?
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    How? By making turns in the driveway, by crossing the driveway, by unloading equipment in the street (where they drive from their driveway), and many other scenarios.

    Yes, I have been almost hit a few times, when I trim, I'm in my own little world. I can trim around boats, gardens, statues, ponds, etc. Five minutes later they can say "did you trim around the boat?" What boat? lol Oh, that one, yes, I trimmed around it.

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    I was crossing an 8 foot driveway from one section to the next on an 8 acre account when a pontiac vibe accelerated over a distance of 450 feet before I could drive 5 feet to get off the pavement , i had to zero turn my machine to parallel the drive with the car coming a foot away from me at 30 miles per hour, the driver was looking directly away from me. She never stopped to see if I was 0k. This is not the first incident, she almost nailed me as I was weed eating at the front gate, again go really fast, I suppose rich people don"t know what a truck would be doing at the front gate, if I had of stepped out one more step form in front of that truck she would have hit me. I have asked the owner to do someting about this fast driving and nothing has been done. The police said its on private property nothing they can do. These are RICH PEOPLE and they have more money than brains , the driver is the daughter in law living on the second house on the estate and the only description one can come up with is she is a AIRHEAD .

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