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  1. b landscaping

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    I have a client that wants crush and run on the driveway again. I am getting 30 yards of crush and run for the install. Should I mark up the material any? And should I give them a hourly price on the bobcat rate. I usually do $250 to get there and $80 an hour after that.Any suggestions, just don’t want to cut myself Short for the new year.
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    If you are arranging the delivery and paying for it then you can probably mark it up 10 or 15 percent. It also depends if you are getting it direct from the pit or if a second company gets involved and is marking it up already. Bobcat pricing for stuff like this I would charge $250 for the first two hours, $80 an hour after that. I can spread and grade 30 yards in just over an hour. Remember the customer may want to see the dump tickets and they usually have the price per ton on it.
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    Have the driver tailgate it in - if done correctly you wont have much to spread. We do a few miles a year of gravel and normally when the driver is done I just have a few small areas to dress up. If you only want a two track have then drop a cinder block in the center of the tailgate before loading the truck.

    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I have the same type of job in spring 20-30 yds.
    To make it easy I was just gonna charge by the yard. Does cost + $40-$50 a yard to spread sound fair ?
    If I rent a machine also will be doing 15yds of mulch the same weekend @ material cost + $60yd to spread.
  5. Mac-s Lawn & Snow

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    Grant I think your pricing is high, I don't know your market and you do can do the job with the customer happy to pay you. If you read my post I basically said I would spread 30 yards for $250 and spend less than an hour and a half on the jobsite. Every job is different and I usually don't look at them before I get there. The OP said its $250 to show up and $80 an hour after that-if it takes two hours $500 still a fair price. Mulch, with my truck I can install 10 yards by lunchtime by myself with a big wheelbarrow. These jobs I charge by the yard, usually 75 to 100 bucks a yard with mulch. I guess if your going to charge $1000 to spread some gravel that takes you 4 hours, the customer may call someone else the next time after his beer drinking buddy tells him he knows someone that would have done it cheaper.
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    I had 10 yard of class 5 put on and spread at the end of of my driveway this fall.
    The guy dumped, leveled, and left in 30 min. $300 for everything.
    No clue what his break down of charges was. But I'm guessing he has a minimum charge to bring skidsteer.
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  7. TPendagast

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    20% markup on materials is common
    However in the case of inert driveway material there’s no “warranty factor” (it’s nog going to die) so you could go less markup if your area is competitive.

    Generally a two hour minimum on a machine is customary.

    You’re going to make the most margin if you give them a solid price
    Ie $500 and then beat your own estimated time.
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  8. Mdirrigation

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    Give them a firm price for the job , not a time and materials price . Mark up everything
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  9. TPendagast

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    We have a retail side business (it’s like a booth you do at fairs and flea markets) basically teaching the kids about business...

    You’d surprised how much mark up people put on retail items

    “Oh boy 70% off, what a steal!” That’s because it’s marked up 300% in the first place.
    No one in our industry should feel bad about a 20% mark up on materials, in fact I advocate more when warranty is a concern (ie plant life)
    One thing I’m changing for next year is tracking more warranty and what it’s costing me.
    Generally I budget for 10% but I had a bad year and nursery stock is just getting worse these days.
    I’m looking at adding a healthy (Er) allowance for warranty and included maintenance in the future.
    My turf grasses are fine but good gawd I took a beating in shrubs this past year
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    GRANTSKI LawnSite Bronze Member
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    When Just adding a fresh layer is a machine necessary to level/roll it? I have a smaller possible job I know I can do by hand. Either way I really wanna Just price mine by the yard to make it simple. I’m familiar w how long it takes to move material by hand but not by machine. I plan on possibly renting one but I have a hard time justifying pricing regular man hour while using a machine . I always struggle w that - spending $ on equipment to be more efficient & what to charge per hour without punishing yourself by being more efficient. If $70hr is going rate for a man doing regular labor...a machine that costs $20-50k and does 3x the work should atleast be double that per hour right ?

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