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    It has nothing to do with the hours . You are bidding a job . 2 people bid the exact same job . to make it easy the customer has the stone on site , so all you are bidding is spreading stone .

    Bobs landscape bids $500 Grants landscape bids $70 an hour .

    Who is the customer gonna hire ? ........... Bobs landscape . Why ? Its a fixed cost , Grants landscape may take 2 hours or all day who knows how fast they can work.
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    When adding a layer the machine is nice because the machine will help compact your base-same thing can be done with a rake and plate compactor. The hourly rate should be some thing you don't really tell the customer and is something that helps you come up with a price. Spread 5 yards of base 5 hours X $70 an hour = 350. Now with a machine 3 hours X $120 an hour =$360 same price and I'd bid it at $425 if I wanted the job. If your going to tell some one you are going to charge them $120 an hour for anything you better be very good at sales! I was working at a HOA one day and a customers AC unit had settled so far that it needed to be disconnected and raised 10 inches. Since I was working there I told the guy get a tech out and disconnect it and I'd raise the grade and he could hook it right back up I said it take me 15 minutes and I'd charge $75. He called me later that night saying he wasn't going to pay anyone $300 an hour to do anything. I said OK amd hung up on him.
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    I try to never tell ppl my hourly. Id much rather estimate & Bid by the yard / by the job : because like mentioned wether I do it by hand @ 8hrs or machine @ 4hrs the total comes out the same.
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