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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by gml9, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. gml9

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    Bought a house with a concrete driveway that is not repairable, has sections missing and the sections that are visible are very rough. So...... I'm thinking of 2 possibilities.

    1) Tear out drive and replace it. I need to know what the best equipment would be to accomplish this? Skidster? Bobcat?
    I'm thinking of just replacing with a drive that has places for car wheels only(grass in middle) This will look much neater then what I have now! I don't want to spend the money on an expensive concrete drive when this house is an investment.
    How much would the concrete cost for a 10 x 50 solid driveway, I can do all the prep work and also have a finisher there to do that after pouring.

    2) Tear out drive and use 4 x 4s to hold gravel in. Basically, a gravel driveway. I've heard Crush Run is good. Would prefer something that compacts down since it will lead to my garage. Peagravel will not compact like I want, will it.

  2. allaccesslandscaping

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    500 sq ft is about 6 yards *115 ca.prices. It should cost you know more then 1500 to do it. with 2 finshers 1 labor. Thats taking in to considerations you have a place to take the concrete for free. You can do this in one day. U can use a jack hammer to break out
  3. Tigerotor77W

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    Interesting situation. If you want to do the tearing out yourself, make sure you have the experience to run the equipment. (I think you do, but a heads up just in case.)

    1) Tearing out is what I would personally do, though it will require some thought. Do you know where to haul the excess? Do you have the stone necessary to fill the driveway with? Can you place concrete yourself? Do you need a permit?
    Equipment -- skid steer will do the job, but make sure you don't rent one that is compact. You'll need a machine with at least 2000 lbs of lift -- any lower and lifting the larger chunks of concrete might not be too fun. Of course, you could easily just break everything to be smaller, but that takes more time.

    Grass in middle -- it would ook great, but it might be a hassle if the grass (more of weeds) spread out and start growing under the area where there is concrete.

    2) Gravel -- gravel driveways aren't bad , but if you get snow in Hampton, VA, gravel isn't the best idea as plowing will scatter gravel.

    And no, peagravel doesn't compact. If you're planning to park on it... you might end up stuck a few times if you have 12" of peagravel. (Not that you would... but... :))

    Good luck.
  4. firedude26

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    I have tore out lots of drives with my bobcat 773 and a set of forks. Just catch a corner and lift if it is to big drop it and it will break. Then you can lift the slab up and put it in the truck for removal. If you do it clean enough it is easier to get the new area ready for fresh concrete.
  5. earthwerks unlimited

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    firedude: Jeff from Earthwerks Unlimited here---I met you at the little cafe at S. Huron River Drive two years ago.

    1. Where do you take your broken concrete--Ecorse and Inkster? Do you use dumpsters at all for concrete?

    2. Took your advice and bought a Harley rake for the TC33D, instead of for the skid steer.
  6. Green Care

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    Hi I just added on too mine this summer it took 12yd cost around 1100 delivered I had a guy grade it for me cost 225 he push the dirt to the back of place where needed. I suggest you get a dumpster 20yd for 275 or 30 yd for 375 check in your area.

    UNISCAPER LawnSite Bronze Member
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    We use a breaker on the front of a skid steer for tear out. We haul the concrete to a recycle plant and back haul class 2 road base (1" minus) gravel, which iss called crusher run, or CA-6 in other parts of the US.

    Concrete in San diego is $105.00 per yard with the pumping, unless you can do chute pour then it runs $85.00.

    Use a 2500 PSI mix and run #3 rebar on 18" grid and you should be fine.
  8. Gravel Rat

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    My machine of choice would be a 6000lb or heavier mini excavator with a hydraulic thumb with a digging and a clean up bucket. A mini excavator can break up a concrete driveway fairly quick. The hydraulic thumb and bucket can pick up the large chunks of concrete and dump them into a bin. If the machine has a front blade you can grade the ground fairly level. If you are good you can scrape the ground with the clean up bucket.

    I know it may seem like a good idea to rent a piece of equipment to do your own tear out but if you have no equipment experience it may cost you more doing it yourself than hiring a contractor.

    If you don't want the look of a plain concrete driveway you may want to consider paving stones they have a nicer look. I wouldn't go with a dirt driveway it will never stay nice you will be constantly filling holes and washouts. I wouldn't do concrete strips with grass inbetween you will have to deal with cutting grass and keeping it green. I wouldn't use pea gravel I know people here that use 3/4" clear crush it works fine but its a biatch to keep weeds from growing in it.

    The other option is go with asphalt its what I have its cheaper than concrete it doesn't look pretty but its basic and better than dirt.
  9. firedude26

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    Hello Jeff,

    I had a few people that was taking the broken concrete for fill on driveways and other things.

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