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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jeffex, May 13, 2003.

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    It has been raining for days and we need to cut 2x a week to do the lawn right and anyone who complains is told to find another service. I am busting my ***** to keep up and most people are very appreciative but I told 2 today to get another lawn guy. First lady complained that we left her gate open. Now she wants us to cut her back yard with the 21" mower so we don't squeeze the 36" through her gate. DROPPED her *****. Next one wants to know "I wish you could cut closer to the weekend" I reminded her it rained all weekend and told her she was DROPPED. I called 2 others on my waiting list and told them I had an opening now. dropped two $25 lawns for two $30 ones. WHO'S NEXT!! I have seen some lawns knee high here where lawn crews can't keep up and those people have begged me to cut thier lawns. Price accordingly!
  2. Gene $immons

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    You sound stressed. Just make sure that you can afford to drop the complainers. I have wanted to drop most of my customers at one time or another, but end up smiling and saying "yes maam".

    As for stressed out, my F350 needs 1600.00 worth of repairs, so we are down for a day or two while that is being done.
  3. tiedeman

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    that whole rain story reminds me of a customer about five years ago. She wanted the lawn cut on a thurs or friday, NOT the weekend. Well, it rained thursday and friday in a row, no way I could mow. I tried to get ahold of her over and over again to see whether or not she wanted me to come and mow it on the weekend even though she said not too. Finally, Monday I got ahold of her and told her the situation and all she could say was,

    "I know it rained, but we are still disappointed in you not cutting the lawn." I said, "But it rained and you didn't want it mowed on the weekend and I couldn't get ahold of you." Lady, "We know, but we are still disappointed in you."

    What the heck was I supposed to do. So I told them that they need to find something else for now on.
  4. fastrunner

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    What the hell is a waiting list... If you have enough work that you cant fit anymore, get more help!!! What do you think the people are going to do,, wait 2 months while the grass grows until they call you??? i think that i the stupidest thing i have ever read on this site hands down!!
  5. o-so-n-so

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    I would think the waiting list is for NEW accounts. Hopefully not the mowing service to existing accounts.
    If you have your regulars on a waiting list, your lucky to even have a list. I don't think thats your situation though.
    Good Luck with the new accounts.
  6. STAN1366

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    "I know it rained, but we are still disappointed in you not cutting the lawn." I said, "But it rained and you didn't want it mowed on the weekend and I couldn't get ahold of you." Lady, "We know, but we are still disappointed in you."

    What the heck was I supposed to do.

    Maybe you could have politely asked her what it is she would have wanted you to do. Cut in the rain maam? Tell her why you don't. Cut it on the weekend maam? Remind her she asked you not to. Leave the ball in her court. You'll NEVER be able to please some people, but you do have to please yourself. Don't piss the customer off and don't lose your cool. many a time I've had someone who I wanted to give a piece of my mind. More like a kick in the *****!!! Just have to roll with it. Hey, 2 of these types I've had for 20 yrs! They're still paying.....I'm still coming!
  7. Runner

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    So the holes in the screen of the siv open wider.:cool: I know exactly wgere you are coming from, and can apprciate what you are saying. I reached a point where I am able to do the same thing, sometime ago. Depending on your market and you area, sometimes you're able to do that. In our area, the market is flooded with "Lco's", (and I use the term loosely). As far as the waiting list, I know where he's coming from.
  8. tiedeman

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    I wasn't losing my cool. I did explain to her that she didn't want me to cut in the rain but I still couldn't please her. I had problems with her all year long though. The grass was cut too short, the grass was cut too long..BLAH..BLAH..BLAH. I was just feed up with it.
  9. Doogiegh

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    I had the same deal which I wrote about in another thread...

    Dude tells me to cut his lawn the day he's going on vacation. Ok. Done.

    A week passes, now it's this past saturday, he's not back, grass is high as the amazon, I take a gamble and cut it. He comes back the next day and calls me to ask why are there 2 invoices? I told him I cut it twice. He says why, I must of not cut it low enough on the day he asked me to cut it originally. I told him no, it rained for 5 days and we haven't seen the sun in days either.. He still rambles on.. I tell him I had no choice.. Cut it and he's mad. If I didn't cut it, he'd come home from vacation to a mess (10" grass) and be mad.. I told him to find someone else.

    Oh yeah, and this property has a slope along the entire length of it that drops off to a fairly busy road.. that it DEFINATLY too steep for a walk behind and a ZTR.. So I had to weed-wack this 6 foot wide slope.. too steep to stand on securly.. from the street. Good bye.

    I'll be sure to ride past in the coming weeks to see how the "new" guy does it. <G>

  10. STAN1366

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    Like I said, some people just won't be happy no matter what you do. last year I picked up 2 new customers. They were friends who lived a block from each other. 1 is on a street that I have 7 other accounts close by. The other on a dead end street where I have no other accounts. The one by itself became more and more of a pain and I had decided I wouldn't pick them up this year. I never called or contacted them, but did contact the friend. Well, after getting all my spring cleanups done I figured I should at least stop at the PIA since I could see no one had done the cleanup. They said they had made other arraingements since they hadn't heard from me, BUT if it didn't work out with the new guy they'd give me a call. They've been replaced. Don't need the stress they gave me. Now I know why they called me. 3 LCO's in 3 yrs???? Brother, it ain't us!

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