Drop in LED replacements & fitting issues.

Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by GreenLight, Mar 24, 2013.

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    I have come across this problem a few times, so far only on path lights. FX makes a few bi pin path lights where the socket is recessed and is really just large enough in diameter for the pins to go in. This is ok with a standard halogen bulb as the bulb base is just slightly wider than the pin displacement so it can go all the way in the small recessed area, but most LED replacements have a larger diameter at the base around the pin structure. Thus, it won't seat all the way down and generally pops back out. Just curious as to anyone else experience in this area and if they came across a solution without chunking the fixture and starting over.
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    Hi Greenlight,
    Have you tried the Illumicare G4 19mm Bipin? I'd be really interested to know which model those fixtures are so that we can carry out some testing. We are constantly looking at ways to improve our lamps.


    John Higo
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    Hi John, Thanks for the response and sorry for my delayed response. The specific light I have found to be problematic is the DL incandescent. It was always called the DemiLite, but now it appears FX goes strictly by initials. In doing some web searching, they have an faq that shows how to replace sockets for the path lights but all the dl's I have come across are fixed sockets that are closed off at the base of the stem with only a small wire exit, so there is no real way to follow there instructions on pushing the socket through the bottom of the fixture and also the socket certainly appears to be fixed. I tried to push it out as the FAQ suggests and it doesn't budge and is about to break. Im not sure if they have updated, but possibly so.

    Anyhow, it sits about an 1/8 of an inch inside the top of the stem and like I said, it's terribly compact. I found some leds that have slightly longer bi pins and they allow for the LED to go in comfortably but it still leaves a gap between the socket and base of the LED. Im slightly concerned about arcing due to this. I have not tried your LED, but would like to know if it might sit all the way down. I have attached a pic of the FX socket provided by FX website. The pic shows the exact socket, but it sits far more flush in the pic than it does on these path lights. The socket on all the Demi Lights I have come across sit about an 1/8 of an inch deeper.
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    The longer pins on the LEDs should be fine as long as it makes contact. With the little current they draw, there will be no arcing.

    Pushing the socket up in those fixtures is a pretty big pain. I've done it to replace sockets that had failed in those fixtures many times. The black plastic insert is just pressed into the brass fitting, and can be slid up (or out). I can do it with a flag (for flagging jobs), but it takes a while to find the right spot. When replacing the sockets, it's usually easier to just smash out the old socket and pull the wires out the bottom of the post. Especially if the socket is a few years old and become brittle.

    When trying out LEDs to retrofit those fixtures keep in mind the small hole you need to feed the lamp through into the top. I've had issues with some not fitting inside. Some of the Illumicare lamps had this issue because they have a bigger heat-sinc. I don't know if their 19mm bi-pins work. The one I have doesn't fit but it may be an older one. BrillianceLED I know does fit.
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    Just measure the OD of that stem. If it is 20mm or greater then the Illumicare 19mm G4 BiPin lamp will work. Bottom line, it is the best LED G4 BiPin on the market. Fully heat sinked, Fully encapsulated, Full IC Driver, and has a very strong, stable light output that you can rely upon. 3000K & 2700K. Designed by a lighting guy for lighting guys. :)

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