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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scraper, May 1, 2001.

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  1. Scraper

    Scraper LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Had to lay down 22 yards of mulch at a property this weekend. A "friend" helped along with my future partner from Long Island. The "friend" wimped out by 2:00 saying his back was hurting so I put him on cleanup detail. When we were done I invited this "friend" and his wife over to have a barbq with my wife and future partner from Long Island. We had dinner then proceeded to start a bonfire in my backyard which I do quite often. To make a long story short...it was the biggest fire yet! So big that the neighbor across the street got concerned and called the fire department! The fire truck comes roaring down our driveway (literally!) for what now is a small campfire. This is all after I had spoken to the scout who could have nipped it all in the bud. This friend yells at the Asst. Fire Chief as he gets out the fire truck...."Are you out of your f*&%'n mind there is a dog running around?" (The truck did almost hit my dog.) The "fireman" immediately gets back in his truck and calls the cops. They then proceed to pull out the hose from the brush truck and douse the fire. While this is going on I look up in total disbelief as a hook and ladder truck is trying to make its way down my driveway. All I could do is stand in astonishment. After speaking with the fire marshall and state police what I was doing was not against the law and had my "friend" not shot off his mouth they probably would not have put out the fire. (I have my doubts as these Volunteers just wanted to play firefighter for which I have a call into the Fire Chief to discuss how the entire situation was handled by his department!) All the authorities leave and my friend comes out with his wife without saying a word and leaves.

    It all boils down to this...I have decided this was the final straw with this "friend" as he has a problem with his mouth and temper and has on more than this occasion made things bad. Problem is against my better judgment I took on his aging in-laws property. If this is truly to be the final straw would you see it in bad business/taste to stop cutting the in-law's lawn? I have only cut once and have not received payment as this "friend" was to pay me in full for the entire summer this week. Needless to say I have not heard from him since the incident.

    Sorry for such a long post, but tried to give you more details about what happened leading up to the events.

  2. BRL

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    Sounds like a hassle you don't need to deal with. Consider the one mowing of the in laws one of those part of doing business losses and move on. There are plenty of other customers out there that you could take on without dealing with the potential "politics" & problems that may be associated with this one. Sorry you had to go through that episode. Be careful with those fires. You're not too far from me so I know you have had the same weather pattern as us. Fire danger is high right now and there are brush & woods fires sparking up left & right around here. I'm actually considering putting the usually unnecessary around here spark arresters back into the mufflers ;)
  3. parkwest

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    With friends like that...

    I hope you don't piss off your "friend/employee" because it sounds like he has a workers comp claim for his back injury. You do carry workers comp, don't you?

    As for "future partner" have you ever noticed how we don't have a lot of 2 headed frogs or snakes or people or 2 captains of a ship? Have you ever noticed all the big successful co. don't have 2 presidents or 2 CEO's?
  4. Scraper

    Scraper LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Parkwest: Your answer to my question is?

    Thanks BRL....that's the way I am seeing it.
  5. KirbysLawn

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