Drop Spreader vs. Topdresser

Discussion in 'Organic Lawn Care' started by jegoodri, Feb 20, 2011.

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    Ended up going a totally different route.

    Drop Spreader wouldn't work (thanks for the confirmation) and top dressers are too expensive (dropping $5,000 on one piece of equipment when my annual income is around the same amount is a ridiculous idea no matter how big I hope to grow in the future).

    I purchased the Earthway 2130 spreader (www.rittenhouse.ca/asp/Product.asp?PG=2135). It was totally different than I was thinking, but looks like it will work perfectly for the right price. I'll find out!
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    Amazing - jegoodri - I promise you that will not work on 95% of all composts. compost pellets yes - regular compost NEVER. I have (from ritten house) a Bannerman Drop Spreader that yesterday with just a little too much moisture in the compost and the thing did not work. This has a steel drum at the bottom that turns from the wheels and is about two ft long and 8 inches wide and the compost bridged (due to wetness) and would not pass down - so you think it is gonna fall thru some holes at the bottom of a salt spreader - NEVER - Get a good back pack and spray out of a wheelbarrow. Good Luck
  3. Well how about a topdresser that will spread 12 FEET at $5,500.00 and handle materials at different moisture levels. It will have a harder time handling compost that's more than 70% moisture, but it's the most versitile for the job at hand. Spreads pelletized and granular materials as well.

    What topdresser specializes at handling wet, sodden, aenarobic and poorly handled compost? The answer is none. Buy compost with 50% moisture. You will be rewarded for your diligence. Buy in bulk and store it yourself if you cannot find a supplier who will handle the compost properly.

    I paid for the first topdresser four years ago within 3 weeks. We still have the same unit after all these years. It's paid for itself many times over with occasional use.
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    Peter, did you read the whole thread?
  5. "I am C3-PO, human cyborg relations. I am familiar with over 6 million forms of communication" :laugh: Yes, I have read and understood the thead, thanks a bunch!

    My intent was to offer some insite through direct experience, that is all. We see folks buy the wrong equipment all the time.

    As a matter of fact, we are launching a used equipment forum from our website shortly. It will be a good place for people to unload equipment they no longer need.
  6. starry night

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    Like wannabe spreaders? :laugh:
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    So you all are enjoying the banter, but the spreader is passing the test so far. I'm spreading pure worm castings and compost mixes in test runs and I've actually had to limit the output so the compost layer isn't too thick. Yes, some shaking has been required, but the $250 version has passed preliminary testing. Maybe I'll spend $5000 when it makes sense, but so far so good with the inexpesive version.
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    jegoodri sometime if you could post some pics of your work with this I would appreciate it.
  9. jonthepain

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    Peter, I'm looking forward to the used equipment forum.

    jegoodri, i'd also like to see some photos
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