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    I have done a search but it hasnt been of much help so I will ask the question here. I am looking for a drop spreader to use for pulverized lime. All I can find local are the little cheapee's that hold 50 to 100# of product. I am needing one that I can pull behind my Steiner Turff tractor that will hold approx. 300 lbs of pulverized lime. I have a broadcast spreader for fertilizer and pellitized lime but with the differience in price between the pulverized and the pellitized I feel that the drop spreader will put more money in my pocket. Does anybody have any suggestions as to brand names to look for, and/or a good distribitor since I will probably have to have it shipped to me. I am located in Western North Carolina. Also post prices if you have them. I am looking for a quality machine that will last for years.
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    A.M. Leonard has them on page 130 of their September catalog. Large commercial types that range from 4 cubic feet capacity ($923.65) to to 15 cubic feet capacity ($2837.33) I've never used either -- just remember seeing them the other day so I looked for you!

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    Thanks Hamon,
    I did a search of their online catalog but didnt fine the ones that you mentioned. I have found this model http://www.garberseeder.com/prod02.htm at a local tractor dealership. The dealer claimes that this spreader will spread bulk ag lime as well as fert. and herbicides. I was ready to bring it home for a trial but when they started putting it together they didnt have all of the pieces in the box. The 60 in. is supposed to hold 300+ lbs of material. I will let everybody know how it works on pulverised lime.
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    Thought that I would let everone know how the Garber Drop Speader worked out.
    1. spread evenly without clogging using pulverized lime.
    2. Was only able to drop 25lbs per 1000sqft with the setting wide open.
    3. upon cleaning out spreader found that the wide open setting actually stats closing off the opening in the bottom. True wide open is when the lever is set at 4 1/2 instead of 8
    4 was able to put out 1 ton pulverized lime at the rate of 25 lbs per 1000sqft in 1 hour.
    If I had discoverd the problem with the settings before filling machine could have cut time factor down considerablely.
    5. 60 inch unit will hold 350 lbs of pulverized lime.
    Havent used with anything but lime but should work equaly well with fert. or herbicides or even grass seed.

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