Dropped my first client, felt great

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by danothemano, Apr 3, 2019.

  1. danothemano

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    It was one of my first yards I've ever got, it was underbid from the start, I raised my prices this season and this yard was the only one I did not get a reply(via email). When I started a few years back, we negotiated the price per cut(should've been a red flag there), took the job. Last year, her daughter(mom is elderly) had a rental nearby who lived out of state. I quoted my price through the elder customer, yet another series of negotiation. The rental sold in just a matter of days, so only got one cut in. Daughter sends me a thank you card with a check for my original quoted amount and states her mom is known to drive a hard bargain.

    This season, I put my foot down and gave a firm price, a week goes by with no reply, I assume she is shopping around. I decide to send another email to let them know (very kindly of course) it is time to go separate routes. It only took her 30 minutes to reply with a thanks and that she understood.

    It felt great to pull the plug, overall, the yard wasn't worth the time or energy put into it vs what I was getting in return. Now I'll be focusing on the ones that are priced right and must say....it feels good knowing I won't be doing that yard going forward.
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  2. Koehn's Lawn Service

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    Sometimes you just have to do it good for you I have backed down some this year have had some sale or go on market unexpectedly so I only need to replace 2 or 3 lawns which I usually end up turning down 15 or so through the season I just have to change my mindset and not defeat my purpose of why I'm slowing down to get my life back you will replace that lawn no problem and probably with a better one
  3. BigJlittleC

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    Congratulations now your cherry is popped it will be so much easier next go! Before long you'll be able to catch these and say no before they get on the list.
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  4. Shannon Walsh

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    I need customers. I don't need ALL of the customers! Good for you for recognizing that the client was no longer a good fit for your business.
  5. OP

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    Thanks, given the history of negotiation etc, my gut said something was off when I wasn't getting a reply to my price increase. My guess is ultimately after she would be done shopping around, she woulda agreed but become a pain and try to make me 'earn' that extra money. So again, my antennae flared up on this one.

    it's a great feeling,it gives that feeling of control, when I first started I guess I just wanted the jobs and wasn't able to distinguish what the ideal jobs are vs the pain in the rear ones are, live and learn.

    now it's time to hold out for quality vs quantity, if it means less yards, oh well, more time to go fishing and enjoy the nice weather.
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  6. iand

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    A red flag is someone who wants to negotiate generally speaking these will always be clients who undervalue you and that leave you feeling like you are underpaid usually good to let them go
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  7. rippinryno

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    Technically she dropped you though right?

    Or maybe not?

    You gave a firm price and didn't get a response so you chose to just tell them you were going seperate ways? Might they have taken your price if you would have waited or no?

    Just saying, because somebody my customers want to drive prices down or get a bargain doesn't mean they won't pay what you're asking price is, often times I find that they will, they just have to feel like they tried.
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  8. OP

    danothemano LawnSite Senior Member
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    I sent the communication to discontinue service, therefore i cut the ties.
  9. Oxmow

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    :wall punctuation...can we have some punctuation!Thumbs Up
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    lol, does it bother you that much?

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