Dropping a client


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First, if I can, I finish the season. If the client is unreasonable, I recommend they find a provider who would better suit their needs. Second, we continually cull out clients who do not suit our business plan. Late payers. Constant complainers. Etc.. Third, if you do nothing this will continue to eat away at you and take a toll on you personally. It will fester and affect all aspects of your business. One of the reasons we are in business for ourselves is so we can control the situation. So take control. It doesn’t matter what the pay is when you don’t want to be there or work for that individual. Our customers know how I operate and I have a waiting list. I don’t allow people to treat me or any staff like lawn boys and I don’t allow staff to act like lawn boys. We have great customers and 95% of our work is referral.


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Always fun to double price on someone like that or be stubborn in return, maybe he will drop you. Dont give in to his nit picking.
i disagree with the implied vebal contract above. Try taking that to a civil judge.


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Bad news doesn’t get better with age. Your customers can drop you with little notice too. It’s nice if you can line up another location, but frankly, that’s on the customer, not you. Fill your schedule with people you look forward to serving, culling customers is a business fact!
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