dropping a customer template?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Schlepie, Sep 18, 2003.

  1. Schlepie

    Schlepie LawnSite Member
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    Trying to tactfully drop some customers to simplify routes. Any template suggestions?

  2. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
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    the best way to drop them is in person, over the phone, or with a personal letter. I wouldn't use a template.
  3. crawdad

    crawdad LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Here's a letter that my wife helped me get just right, only to be never used. The customer "found someone else" after being charged extra for three week mowing (bush hogging).

    September 10, 2003

    Mr. and Mrs. XXXXXXX,

    Due to the increase in my weekly mowing customer in the AAAAAAA area, I am forced to discontinue mowing in the BBBBB and surrounding areas.

    I regret to inform you but I will have to terminate our mowing agreement effective immediately. I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you.

    Thank you,
  4. crawdad

    crawdad LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Better to talk to them in person, if they've been a reasonable customer. Don't slam any doors. The one in my previous post was a PITA.
  5. mtdman

    mtdman LawnSite Gold Member
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    Just stop showing up. They'll figure it out after about 2 months and 2 feet of grass.

    NO! Just kidding! Geesh!

    :D :D :D
  6. Fantasy Lawns

    Fantasy Lawns LawnSite Bronze Member
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    I just raise the price ;->
  7. MrBarefoot

    MrBarefoot LawnSite Senior Member
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    I agree with Fantasy, and raise the price.

    That way you can keep the customer, especially if they are happy with you. Additionally you can step up your marketing in that area and win some additional business. More business can justify making the trip.

    You know your situation better then I, and the advice I just dispensed may not be practical. If you are losing money and you have no prospect to fix it, and raising the price won't help, then make an attempt to talk to him in person. If you can't do that, then give him a phone call. It would be nice to give him some notice like two weeks or so, just so he doesn't feel abandoned.

    Hope that helps.
  8. mtdman

    mtdman LawnSite Gold Member
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    I was going to post that the season's almost over, just wait him out until next spring and dump him then. But then I saw you are in Texas, and probably don't have the winter down time that the northerners do. When I have a problem customer like that, usually I don't invite them to return next season.
  9. Team Gopher

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    Is it possible you could pass the accounts to a company in that area and maybe in the future they would pass accounts to you?
  10. Gr grass n Hi tides

    Gr grass n Hi tides LawnSite Bronze Member
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    This could be a great solution as long as you are setting them up with another good service provider. Great way to go about it.

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