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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by Jake the grass guy, Oct 28, 2018.

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    This is one of the reasons why i have felt about this position on bi-weekly accounts.. barring the bad and having to "weed" them out (pun intended). 60 good bi-weekly accounts should bring in more revenue per week than 30 weekly accounts.

    i understand the reasoning behind bi-weekly may be "harder" on the equipment, but doesn't this also depend greatly on region and type of grass that is growing in the account's yard?
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    If a property is bi-weekly and grows way too fast I tell them they need to move to weekly. People who initially want bi-weekly I charge them 40% more per cut than weekly even though it only takes 5% longer. My days with several bi-weekly accounts bring the man hour rate up for the day.
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    I just had to "explain" this to a "real estate" office receptionist, to her, the rate should be same.. whether it was cut once a week.. every other week or once a month.. after i explained it to her.. she finally got it!
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    It depends on what STREET you're on.

    To read the posts here, you'd think that I'm the only person on this forum who has any variation in lawns - are everyone else's lawns REALLY all identical in size, terrain, and grass type?

    For me, generally speaking, any lawns in the city can be mowed biweekly with no extra work - the grass there just doesn't grow - mostly because of the amount of mature trees.

    Move out into the suburbs, and it's almost 100% "NO" to mowing biweekly because the grass typically grows faster - and the lawns are 4-5 x larger - and they don't pay all that much more because the people with money either live IN the city, or WAY outside the city - the area just outside the city is filled with working people who can''t afford to pay a lot.
    The people IN the city are more willing to pay - unless you're in the hood.
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    i guess it is going to be harder here then.. fore i neither live in a city or a burb.. it is the town or flat out in the country..

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