Drought 2021


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Well we got our wish. Spigot in the sky turned off. Grass was a jumpin' and a bumpin'. Now the last 11 days straight have been 90°+. The municiple grasses are totally browning out. Clients without sprinklers or water or shade are browning out. Crucnchy yards.

Today looking at 98° with a feel of 105-07°. Still a possibility of a shower.(believe it when I see it)

Super crazy strange weather going on since April. One extreme tobthe next. Over and over. Awesome!


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Careful. Unseen objects can fly out from that opening.
I seen lots of green objects flying out of that opening.
When I finished, I took my blower and dispersed the random clumps it puked out too.


Note for the faint of heart:
There were no humans, pets, livestock, or windows within 75 yards of this reckless behavior.
Please see a doctor if this image made your heart flutter, or you found yourself running for cover.


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Yeah, nobody side discharges anymore...
and I'm sure It's his first time doing it. :rolleyes: <rolleyes>
I've been doing this for over forty years, many of those years with the identical mulching mower. It can be a painful learning experience when something unforeseen comes out of that opening flung by the force of the blade in the direction of the operator. It's more than aesthetics those openings are covered.
BTW, most years I am surprised that something new happens with machinery, tasks that I have done thousands of times before. But it sounds like y'all are the experts here in the lawn industry and have no need or appreciation for a helpful piece of advice — so I guess I'll stick to making fun of y'all since it's easier than offering anything of value — you know, because it's obviously all been done and said before.
<snicker> and <eye roll>
Or maybe I'll just post meaningless memes.