Drought Insurance??

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by muxx, May 23, 2007.

  1. muxx

    muxx LawnSite Member
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    Anyone ever heard of drought insurance? It would only make since, they have it for farmers, why not Lawn care Companies?
  2. tinman

    tinman LawnSite Bronze Member
    from ga
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    Not a bad idea. But it would be expensive & you would use it once & they would cancel you.
    The best insurance is having a diverse biz. Having something to do that does not involve the weather helping you is the best option. I do pressure washing & it is not nearly as consistent as mowing, but it is nice to have it when grass is not growing so fast..
  3. Keegan

    Keegan LawnSite Senior Member
    from CT
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    power washing requires water. If a drought gets serious enough they will stop that too.
  4. Frontier-Lawn

    Frontier-Lawn LawnSite Silver Member
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    dont forget landscape install's and new sod/ grass seeding require watering also...... :cry:
  5. tinman

    tinman LawnSite Bronze Member
    from ga
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    Anything can happen, but around here there is always an exception for car washes & pressure washing businesses. These things run in cycles so we just have to roll with them

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