Drought VS Snow

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Bob Minney, May 24, 2002.

  1. Almost every city in the metro area is on water restrictions. Only 1 real rain so far this year. Some citys limit watering to 15 minutes 2X week. Some are water only every 3rd day (some with, some w/o limits) according to your house #. Denver will be joining soon. People won't ask for every 2 week service, It will be 1X a month.

    And today I'm sitting here waiting for the @#$*&^% SNOW to melt so I can get to work.

    Oh well, at least with the moisture I know I'll be mowing for a couple more weeks.
  2. Brickman

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    Hey Bob I am 100 miles north of you, and yesterday the city asked for voluntary water conservation. They did state the amount of water looks OK for this year, but that the next several years could be bad even if we get moisture because of the supply being depleated.
    I am not joking this was said on the radio yesterday. "if your grass is still green you probably don't need to water right now. But if it starts to turn brown, or get a little wilt look to it, then it would be good to water it a LITTLE." I thought to my self just what I will need is some city dude that don't have a clue telling people to water that way. DUH
    If mowing goes to once a month like you mentioned then I will be up s--t creek without a paddle, cause I have tons of bills to pay.

    And I am sitting here looking at an inch of snow. I was going to go mow this morning, but now I think that I will catch up on office work, and then go start a few sprinkler systems that need turned on, and hopefully mow tomorrow when it is 70 degrees.
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    In Colorado Springs, we are on "voluntary restrictions" meaning people are asked to water every other day. At my house I have only had to water 3 times within the past 2 weeks due to the first real rain storms of the year.

    According to the colorado springs utilities, people have not been cutting back. I'm sure we will see mandatory restrictions soons, unless mother nature helps out.

    I've seen and know of many lawns that are watered DAILY. I try an educate all my customers about watering every 2nd or even 3rd day. Many seem unreceptive, and/or ignorant. I know of many "commercial" properties that do their own lawn maintenance. They enlist the aid of the head maintenance person (read janitor) to set their timers. These guys don't even know how to set the timers right! Their motto seems to be, "if the water ain't running down the street, the grass needs more water"......just my 2 cents........
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    Ground master you are so right about the water running in the street. It burns me to no end to see total stupidity because they THINK they are saving money.
    All the timers that I set I set for 4 days a week. That seems to work pretty good for me. I also set mine to run during the night due to the amount of unpredictable wind we get. Usually the wind is less then.
  5. musselman

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    Im just across the boarder from you guys in Utah...we got it rough here to. I have not mowed some of my acounts yet and others only once. Good thing Im a part timer or I would be in a world of hurt....I live in a real small town that the city just built a multi million dollar golf course last summer....guess who get most of the water left? Cant blame them, the whole city is hoping for some finacial gain from the course...Maybe we should all become farmers and get substidized (cant spell) when we have bad years.
    we didnt get snow here, but the moisture in any form would be great.
  6. Dennis E.

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    That is an on-going thing here. Even with the rain,when it finally comes. It's been like that for the last several years here.
    Tampa has "water cops" that hand out citations for illegal watering. Big $$$ fine.
    Where we are located it's it a little more lax but still enforced by some agencies.
    Real dry here right now even with the rains we've had this last week. It's coming though,I can feel it.
    Yesterday the "hurricane hunter" airplane went over our house on the way to Miami to prepare for a trip out to investigate a disturbance down by Cuba.
  7. stslawncare

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    my theory is weeds grow no matter what the temperature is lol. we have had water restrictions and all that, but i think they are slowly taking them away because each month we have had above normal rainfalls, stil below what we need to be but we are getting better.
  8. Toroguy

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    I watched a news piece on NBC about the dry conditions in the West, I didnt realize how severe it was, they compared it to the "Dust Bowl" days.

    Hope it turns around for y'all,

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