A huge drought is predicted to hit Texas this spring, summer. How will this affect grass? Have any of yall ever lost business - or had to shut down business because of droughts in your area. I live in Texas and things are looking pretty dry around here. The city is about to start heavy water rationing. <p>My question is - how will this affect business in my area?<p>Thanks,<br>JB Lawn Services


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I saw on Dan Rather last night where a portion of the pacific is warming. The warming is spreading. This could lead to el nino if it warms too much or if it doesn't warm too much things could go back to being normal. We got plenty of rain during el nino right in the middle of summer when we needed it. Our normal weather during the past 10 years has always included a month of drought. Usually June or july or september. I just work cutting weeds in the grass and hedges and anything else someone wants done. My income is cut somewhat. But I try to make up for it in the rainy months. I try to get use to the fact that this is going to happen every year. We were about 11 inches below normal rainfall for 1999. We, I hope, can only improve for 2000.<br>Charles<br>


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I don't know about you guys, but I am going to incorporate a rain dance into my maintenance program.


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Here in KY we had a bad drought this past summer. Severe or worse it was termed. We had water restrictions out the ... From July to September you couldn't even water grass at all. The &quot;grab a pickup and mower&quot; guys were history. Lots of equipment was up for sale this year. Bigger guys just laid off people and did the work themselves or with less employess. Hence their profit was effected but the still made profit and were in business. So, my point is it can be bad if you aren't established. Funny thing is I was thinking that a number of people would drop out of the field or at least few would start up this year but, I was told a lot of people who were laid off last year are thinking of starting their own co. so they don't have to worry about getting laid off again. Still Here in KY we get a sever drought about every 7-10 years so, now is a good time to start for me b/c many have been squeezed out and there are less to compete with but more than likely we won't have another drought like that for several years. People don't think of those things though.<br>Hints--get those with sprinkler systems installed. If they don't have them installed many upper class will still water b/c they can afford the extra expense of it.<br>Plan for this by offering pruning in the event of a drought. Redo their beds(i.e.--straighten the bed lines, make them look nice). I did some hourly work for some rich people and we talked during the drought. She said if she were these people she'd offer to do the pruning, brush clearing, yard clean-up, etc. b/c many of the rich people have the money to spend and since they aren't spending it on mowing they'd spend it on something else to make their yards look nice. The drought is like bonus money to them b/c they can spend what would have been mowing money on some other tasks.<p>----------<br>Integrated Landscape Solutions<br>Lexington, KY