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Having a drought in the spring for the first time has me very disturbed. Even though I started this week at full schedule. I can't help but think of the money lost that can never be made up. MOst customers I hadn't service in a over a month. The fact that even though we got a few days of showers the weather has gone back to that familiar pattern of drought and searing heat. The forcast is for continued drought for the remainder of the year. The rain looks like it coming right at you and then disapates or veers off. Now I find that very irritating. Sometimes I wish I didn't have access to so much radar. I am seriously looking at turning this into a parttime job no matter how much money I make this year. You just can't be happy for fear of impending doom. I may just go to school and get more into computers. Something that doesn't depend on the damn weather so much


I LIVE ON THE EAST COAST OF CENTRAL FL .NO RAIN MY WAY GLAD I HAVE CONTRACTS AND GET PAID MONTHY DONT GIVE UP GOTA GET BETTER. MERRITT FL.<p>----------<br>Jason M. Falkner<br>All Green Lawn Care<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: Greenthumb
Charles can you move or do you have roots?<p>Where I live there is more work available than contractors to provide the services.<p>Pesticide license (lawn) is easy just<br>pass the test and pay insurance.<br>No proof of previous work exp. is needed.<p>BTW the drought I endured last year was from<br>May 15 THRU August 15. Now it rains every 3 days and the temp hardly ever reaches 80 degrees.