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  1. Husky

    Husky LawnSite Member
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    Although I am very thankful we don't have one this year. I was thinking of how bad it would suck if one of these years my business ran into this sproblem. How do you deal with it.

    Is it a bad idea to have a contract write up say that you pay X amount of dollars every month for mowing maintenance for hte season,,,drought,,heavy rain,,or what have you?

    It would protect us from drought,.,,but would it piss people of,..?? If it were me I would understand that they spend more time on hte lawn in the spring and less during a dorught,,common sense,,I dunno,,just trying to protet myself..

    What do you all do,,is this a good idea to incorporate mowing as a maintenace monthly fee.....hell,,maybe we can do almost all services this way next year?

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    I'd like to do this, but my customers don't seem to like the idea. Hey, I was in Ashburn today, and I actually mowed some dry, crispy grass. Where did that come from?
  3. DALMlawn&landscaping

    DALMlawn&landscaping LawnSite Member
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    hell, when it gets dry i tell them i'll skip a week, and for them to spend the normal 30 bucks to water their grass nice a good so next year i wont be mowing dirt with tumble weeds
  4. dkeisala

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    Move to the Northwest! Actually, I have couple clients that don't have sprinkler systems and never water. I always bring it up at the start of service. I tell them that we are in business to make their landscape look as good as it can and without regular water that's just not possible. It's a reputation thing with us. If they don't water, they still pay but I do try to make it up to them in other ways like got to bi-weekly service but take care of more extensive trimming for no additional cost. But truthfully I'd rather not take care of these dust bowls. Image is everything and when we pull up to and away from a fryed lawn, what are the neighbors and passerbys thinking about our abilities and services?
  5. tiedeman

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    . Heck the drought has been going on now for six weeks and still counting. I have one in particular I have only mowed once during those six weeks
  6. Gravely_Man

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    To help yourself from a dought you have to have your customers set up for the season where they pay you monthly rather then per cut. This is a hard sell but what you have to do. I totally agree with HOOLIE as to the grass in Ashburn, totally crispy.

  7. tiedeman

    tiedeman LawnSite Fanatic
    from earth
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    I have tried and tried over the years to push customers to monthly, but no doing. They know how bad our droughts can get, so they know that at least a minimum of 3 times it won't get mowed during the year.
  8. promower

    promower LawnSite Bronze Member
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    Last year I went about 5 weeks without cutting. Talk about boredom, and no money.
  9. printer88

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    That is a sweet idea but my darn customers just won't pay money for nothing.

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