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  1. Nathan

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    Since a lot of you are from the east with your infamous hot summers I thought I would pose this Q. Over here in the NW we are looking at a potential major drought this summer,since our rainfall and snowpack are only about 1/2 normal. Last year we had a very extended dry spell, which meant crispy lawns. This year could be even worse. How many of you guys over there see a big drop in business when you have a big heat spell. We haven't a drought like what could be for probably about 10 years so I am clueless.
  2. 65hoss

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    We had one of the worst droughts in 2000 that ever was in the south. I cut all my lawns on a 7 to 10 rotation in august, sept and oct. If you raise the blade higher and don't bag your lawn will stay green much longer than anyone else. My competitions lawns were dead 2 months before mine. Raising the blade lets the grass shade the ground to keep as much moisture as possible.
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    Did someone say DROUGHT? Last I heard we were about 2 feet below where we should be! Can you say "water restrictions" I have some yards I haven't cut in months. Raindance please.LOL
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    My first full time year was a drought year her in Southern Indiana. It was a learning experince, however in a buisness such as this, mother nature is king. All I can advice is be prepared. You will have some wet years such as last and dry years such as the year before. Cash flow is very important.

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