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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by E-man, Mar 12, 2001.

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    what one does at home it that person business ...on the job it's mine ....it's almost impossible to hire a guy at our service rate and expect anything better than a lawn monkey ...sad to say but true ...

    The one's running a crew is much different but we pay them more & expect more from them ..in any case we do make it clear that if an "accident" occurs a piss test will be needed for insurance or wc claims
  2. What kermit meant to say was:

    Let he who is Stone cast the first sin.
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    At my day job as a locomotive engineer, I am subject to ramdom sampling drug tests, from my employer, another railroad whose tracks we use on a daily basis, and the FRA. (Federal Railway Adminn.) While there are differences of opinion on rights,and what I do on my own time, I want my crew clean when they report for work. And they expect me to also be clean. I have enough to oversee everyday, without worrying about my crew on drugs. I would encourage you to use this as a tool. It will keep you safe as an employer and keep your employees safe. It does work.

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    First, let me say that I conduct myself in a clean and sober manner.
    I expect nothing of an employee more than I demand from myself.
    If an employee can't deal with that they can go down the street to that next $8.00 an hour job.
    That is how it is plain and simple, when we talk about rights then we also have to take into account that this is my business and I as a business owner have the right to set the employment guidelines.


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    Drug testing is required by most workmen's comp carriers as a condition of employment.

    We post DRUG TESTING in our add's for employees. If they do, they just don't bother to apply. We have not had a problem.

    Stone makes a couple of good points. If your tokeing on the weekends, you can be straight all week, and still show hot in the test. Reefer has a long residual period since it's fat souble.

    Coke, meth and other opiates are water souluble and rather quick to leave the blood stream. May or may not be there 24 hours later. Just like alcohol.

    This society of ours condones, promotes and glorifies alcohol consumption. You can get drunk off your ass three nights per week and make it to work the next morning and not test positive. You ever smell someone who's been on a bender the night before. If I can smell it, your going down for a test. I was an EMT for a number of years, and alcohol is a far more destructive drug, and it's a drug, than any other controlled substance.

    A some point in every ones life, there is more to life than getting high or drinking beer until you puke. As I have got older, that is more than true. As a product of growing up in the 70's, I was no angel by any means. But there is a time to grow up. And the effects of weed are there even if you have not sparked up for a day or so.

    Chances are, and my work experience bears this out, that if they are getting high after work, on the week ends, then they are probably getting high at work. I had three employees last year that were terminated for reasons other than drugs. Other employees finanlly came to me and said one was getting high on the job and they feared for there jobs, because they worked with him.. I point blank now ask and tell my employee's, don't get high, because the owner can spring a random drug test any time. They don't, because we now have a different caliber of employee as a result.

    Think about this as well, if you hire employees and pay them to drive vehicles as part of their job, and they are involved in a serious accident, the police can require blood test as part of the investigation.

    If they are found to have THC in the blood, you now have a leagally imparied employee/driver and they are going to hang your ass so far out to dry, that you will never stand the chance of owing your own business again and will probably have to work at McDonalds nights to pay off the civil judgements, if your lucky enough not to be Bubba's cellmate at the Graybar Hotel.

    Pretty simple decision I think...

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    Like I said before, land of the free my butt! What in the world has happened to your constitution? Don't you people care any more? I guess you'll be goose steping and singing your new national anthem....Deutschland deutschland uber alles....
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    Kermit -

    As your new leaders, I'd think you folks north of us would show a little respect. That's OK, though. We have your name on our list, we'll remember this when we take over ;) We'll recognize you by the long hair, bell bottoms and T-shirt with the peace sign on it, right?

    Boy, if I didn't know better, it looks like there's a lot of people dating mary jane here.

    site - if you don't care what they do on their time, but expect them clean when they're driving your trucks, how do you enforce/check/verify that? That'd seem pretty hard.

    When I was in college I had a friend who'd smoke before he went to work, he'd smoke during his lunch break, and he'd smoke a couple times when he got home. Those were all on 'his' time.

    And for others of you posting here - do you realize that potential customers may be reading this??? The knowledge some of you have seems so good that it can only come firsthand. I don't know if I'd advertise that here.
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    Thanks everyone for the replys I definately will make this a part of my management plan as for certain drugs not being noticed sometimes, I'd rather be safe than sorry
    Kermit, as for castingthe first stone I would say the majority of business owners (including me)in America are sin free on this matter anyways
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    E-man,sorry I didn't realize youall didn't inhale. Kind of hippoccritical to by drinking beer while putting down dopers. By the way you guys down south sort of proved that prohibition didn't work in the twenties, why would it work now? We made lots of money running goodies during prohibition and make even more now. Didn't any of you see the movie traffic? Lighten up,and maybe you won't have a signifigant portion of your population in prison on stupid raps like possesion of a joint.The only people benefiting from the war on drugs is the enforcement industry.We are slowly but surely coming to realize that the war on drugs(by which we mean the drugs we don't like. The corporate drugs like alcohol and tobacco don't count,right?) was lost a long time ago. People are getting this stuff whether or not we like it. Lets tax it and control it to keep it away from kids the way we do with alcohol and all start acting like adults. Why do you guys want to control employees when their not at work? Do you tell them where they can live and who they can screw? Bet it would make them more efficient and be better for productivity! I'm disappointed that freedom meens so little to some on this forum.
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    In answer to your question... we do it as manditory "post accident" (if they go to the hospital or a doctor on our Panel of Providers) and "random" at our choosing.

    Post accident because if they are impared when injured, I don't want to pay for it - and random because if they stagger in we want the right to test them. Policies state we can do it pre-employment if we want, but we've never done it. I want the right to do it, though, as I really would like to keep what I've built these past 23 years.

    Turfman99 has some very good points, however I can see some arguement for what the others have to say about this subject. However, today's lawsuit happy world has loads of people looking for a reason to get some free money - and when/if your business has any kind of significant net worth, your own sense of selfpreservation will probably kick in and take over, forcing you to begin to take steps to keep it instead of setting yourself up to support some poor schmuck that was in the right place at the wrong time (like the driver or pedestrian that gets involved with your driver in an accident).


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