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  1. Kermit what is country has become is just a bunch or drones
    the will put up with an intrusive and costly federal government for their own selfish needs.

    What we have in this land is social engineering through the laws and especially the bloated tax codes that only a CPA can understand (sometimes).

    JA makes a valid point about self-preservation. But at the same time we cannot be complacent. Frankly our government
    needs a major overhaul that the "system" will not let happen.

    Our founding fathers must be turning in their graves especially with the last 8 years of the Clinton administration. Our evil federal government is must more oppressive that the British government was in 1776.

    But there is no call to revolt and/or reform the federal government for most of us is fat and doesnÂ’t want to lose our MATERIAL possessions by making waves. The feds have and will confiscate your wealth without a conviction.

    I blame this complacency for we have lost now at least two generations of our youth to the public school system. Back in the 1960's before the introduction to the teacher union
    youth protested in the streets to end the "war".

    The youth of today is completely dumbed down to the lowest common denominator by these tenured socialist union thugs
    (public school teachers). They (youth)don't even know the bill of rights. Do to political correctness these "teachers" are
    responsible for the feminization of society. They would rather play with their game boy all day while snorting smack.

    To prove this fact that the youth of today are illiterate just go read some of the messages in the commercial lawn care forum.
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    If a guy smokes before work, during lunch then again at night then that must be some lousy herb.

    The idea of sharing a bottle of wine and a splif with an attractive young lady in front of the fireplace after a good meal is totally disgusting and repulsive. NOT!

    POOF...back to reality.

    Schools are teaching our kids to rat out their parents. Social engineering like Stone said. Sherriff's departments are cashing in on seizure laws...this drug war is here to stay...replete with corruption that goes all the way up to our officials. Often they themselves use these very substances. All the while filling our jails with non-violent self abusers.

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    Was it Thomas Jefferson that said a revoltion every 10 years, or so, was good for democracy?

    This is a good example of the "Prohibition Problem" I mentioned on a thread on the Off Topic forum.

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    Kermit my man,

    With all your social programs and your good systems in the Great White North, what the hell is up with your economy?? If everything is so damn peachy up there, why is the exchange rate about 40% ?? I think I am going to the GWFN for vacation and get a better value for my AMERICAN dollars!! I guess the social freedoms and all that other crap just kicked your economy in the ass big time.

    Frankly gentlemen, it does not really matter a hell of a lot about the laws that are made, just that we have to obey them and pay the taxes to conduct our business. There is not a damn thing any one of us can do or say to change that fact.

    Stone makes some very legimate points about the school systems and how our teenagers have become drones. I recognized this about 10 years ago, and have taken a very active and proactive role in my kids education and in supplementing their education with heavy doses of common sense education. It had paid off, and my kids can't wait to work for me or another place to make their money and become contributing citzens.

    I know of one dude who had an on the job accident and went to be tested, they called him back and said something was wrong, the numbers were greater than they had ever seen. He said yeah, probably its the best s--- ever. They determined it to be as powerfull as a heroin fix. He hit it in the morning before work and be blasted most of the day and then hit it again driving home, and agian and again. Man dude was a mess.

    So if your getting high before work, it's ok because its on your own time???

    By the way, if you ask most medical professionals , they say that Mary jane is much less destructive than John Barleycorn.. My friend the cop has never seen a clown high on weed beat his wife like the drunks do, . So we have the basic debate about illegal drug use and legal drug use
    ( alcohol)?? Cops busted a meth lab in town last night.. not that unusal any more.

    Adrenilin is a drug and that's what most people find a way to do. Several alternatives to getting high chemically:

    Drag racing : 110 miles per hour in 11 seconds going straight.

    Skydiving: Guys say this is a total rush.

    Catching your first born child.

    Elk hunting : call in a 1000# pissed off bull elk to 30 yards and get him before he gets you.

    Watching my daughter graduate from high school.

    Catching a 50 # salmon in 10 foot seas off the coast.

    Enjoying a beach sunset with your significant other.

    Different strokes for different folks.

  5. Man are you out of touch. A new Suzuki STREET bike right out the crate runs in the high 9s.

    Here is a link to the local track I used to race at (I have been in retirement since 1995).

    Back in 1994 I was a semi-finalist at the race described
    below. The scum managment a Maple Grove raceway only give my
    15 mins. to get ready before that round so they would not have to pay a fine by running after a 8pm Sunday curfew and
    my engine was so hot (13.5 to 1 pistons with a shaved head)
    that I could not cover the dail in.


    Butch's bike is only 1260cc. It runs every week in the mid eights on a little 18" motorcycle tire (vs. a 15" car tire).
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    Turfman 99
    Thanks for agreeing that we have a better social system here in the REAL land of the free. As to our economy it's doing fine, thanks. Our govt. keeps our dollar artificially low to give us an advantage in exporting goods to our biggest trading partner,YOU. While we have lost some jobs to the third world areas in your country, I now see that those same jobs are being lost by you to Mexico, Oh well, they were unskilled, lowpaying jobs anyway. Here in the shadow of our nation's capitol we have No worries of being shot, or raped or, well you get the idea. Can you say that about living in your nation's capital? From what I hear Washington isn't fit for man nor beast. We pay more tax but get more services. I don't know anyone here that doesn't have a job who wants one. More of us own our own homes(no we don't live in igloos) than in your country and if you care to check more of us live in cities than you folk.
    Come on up some time and we'll show you what clean air and water are like. Plus we'll show you a good time at much less cost than you will pay in your own country. While you're here you can check out what a clean,safe city looks like and we promise you won't get shot or mugged! Sound good, come on up.
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    A better social service system?? Oh I suppose if being on the dole is your gig..

    Thats why the majority of the physicans in your frozen wasteland have fled or are fleeing your wreck of a health care system for the USA where they can make more than mininmum wage and provide a decent level of health care, more than tounge depressers any way.

    No street crime and muggings ?? Thats not what we hear from the streets of Vancouver ?? Child prositutes, gang crime by Asian controlled Mafia, contract killings on the street. Vancouver being the entry point to North American continent for the majority of the China White ( that would be heroin) that comes in to the US. Your country is no different that ours or any other developed country.

    As for more of you living in cities, well that shows that you cannot take the country life, I sure as hell don't want to live in the city.

    " I got a rifle, shotgun and a 4 wheel drive and only a country boy can survive" (Hank Williams Jr.)

  8. That will all change for I plan on taking a vacation in
    Ottawa in July.
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    Asian Mafia? whats that about..
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    Al this negativity!! WHAT'S THIS ALL ABOUT??

    I thought we were supposed to be discussing business in a fiendly manner, or have I gone to the wrong site?


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