Drum up interests? free mow?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by GardnerGreenMowing, Feb 12, 2011.

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    I was thinking of running a promo. If a home owner pays for 4 mowings, I would mow the 5th for free?
    Was going to run this promo till the end of March.

    This is my first year, so im thinking of ways to get my phone to ring and get some accounts set sooner then later.
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    I spend about 4-6k /season for adv. I've ran coupons for 1 free mowing in almost every ad with almost 0 hits. Best thing you can do is advertise march-june. make your ad bright, basic, and keep putting it out. People are more willing to call if they see your ads or trucks all over.
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    I agree that a free mow isnt always the best thing. If you are educated in more services, such as fertilizing, etc, which I absolutely recommend that you should be, offer a discount on an additional service. This way you are upselling services and the new customer is still getting a deal. If you cannot afford advertising at this time, at least have several hundred business cards and pass them out whenever you have the opportunity. People are more likely to hang on to them opposed to a full size ad. As word of mouth is the most effective, try targeting specific neighboerhoods, as I see all the time guys getting jobs from next door neighbors. Theres a few tips. Good luck.
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    not a good idea
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