dry or liquid chinch bugs....

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    Are liquid or granular insecticides more effective for treating chinch bugs? What products have you had good results with? Does one treatment take care of it for the year?
  2. heritage

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    I like Liquid for the CB. In Thachy Turf like Fine Fescue OR Kentucky Blue, I use 2 gal per 1,000.

    Other Cool season Turf I use the PG for Low Vol app. @ 1 Qt per 1000.

    Talstar (Bifenthrin) still works well on CB in NJ.

    Water in with 1/4" of irrigation following app.

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    MNMasterExterminator and your asking what???? Well, ok. I like Bifen IT (same as Talstar but cheaper) applied at 1 oz/k at a 4 gpm rate. I think the higher volume works better. Like Pete said, water 1/4" after app. Granular works but not as fast and has a longer residual (more expensive).
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    It is the same old story. Liquid gives quick knock down while granules give longer resisdual. But in either case water is needed.

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