Dry Spots Between Rotors

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Felco #2, Aug 27, 2010.

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    ok , so #3s in the corners and #6 on the halfs for 30 minutes , how many times a day and how many days a week? From the pic , Im assuming full sun?
  2. Kiril

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    Tile probe the brown areas and compare to non-brown areas.
  3. Felco #2

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    Yes, full sun. On a normal year, one with regular or semi-regular rainfall, 30 minutes twice a week is sufficient. My schedule has been all over the place this year, but always >1 hour per week. I probably need to do another cup test. I think the distinct pattern of the dry spots interesting. Wondering if most properly designed systems will get these dry patterns if the turf is under watered? You know, like it's inherent to sprinkler irrigation. Is that notion all wet?
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    It isn't possible for blue nozzles to provide uneven coverage. Hunter says so. :p
  5. Felco #2

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    Soil conditions are fairly uniform. I pull cores throughout the lawn for analysis twice a year. In fact, just did that yesterday. Didn't find any dry soil, but we've had recent rain. I will take a look again, especially in the problem areas, when things dry out again.
  6. Kiril

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    Not looking for dry soil .... looking for compaction.
  7. Felco #2

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    No compaction issues. Soil was prepped well prior to sod install.
  8. Kiril

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    What does that mean ... prepped? A properly prepped soil would have been tilled to 12" with a final SOM% of no less than 8-10%.

    How long ago was the lawn installed?

    How about posting your soil test results?

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    The spacing is off but the reality is according to an old chart that 1" a week in Aug ain't gonna cut it. Bump it up to three inches a week and see what happens.

    Asheville Charlotte Raleigh Wilmington
    0.5 1.95 2.01 2.1
    0.63 2.44 2.44 2.64
    1.35 4.07 4.0 4.21
    2.65 6.04 5.81 6.35
    4.33 7.16 6.38 7.31
    5.83 7.63 6.87 7.24
    July )
    6.36 7.64 6.89 7.53
    5.76 7.06 6.25 6.4
    4.11 5.45 4.88 5.34
    2.4 3.87 3.56 4.0
    November 1.03 2.7 2.71 2.86

    December 0.56 2.07 2.15 2.39
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    3 inches/week ..... are you insane? The numbers you just posted are monthly averages, NOT weekly. Even at the highest monthly reported (July in Charlotte) that is only ~ 1.9 inches per week. At 70% ETo, that is ~1.33"/week. If the guy lives in Charlotte and is watering 1" per week in August, he is pretty darn close to being spot on.
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