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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by JLC, May 29, 2001.

  1. JLC

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    Who makes a good dry spreader for a ZTR? I am dreading walking off some of my larger properties for this next application of fertilizer. By good I mean easy to calibrate, uniform pattern, robust construction, etc. I know JRCO makes one, but I would like more to compare it against. Also how to you make sure your ZTR is running the correct speed or do you just "ballpark" it. I wouldn't think that this would be that accurate.


  2. GreenQuest Lawn

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    I have the Jrco, Works well. I added a 12 volt spray kit to it, so I can spray weed control & fert at the same time. As far as the speed, I made stops for my lazer (dont have a pic and I cant really explain it but I took a piece of metal, cut a slot in the middle, drilled a hole in the mower, right in front of where the drive arms go in,and screwed in the piece.) they are adjustable to any speed. Dont know if this helps, but good luck anyway.;)
  3. JLC

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    Can you truly spread at 24 feet as the ad says? Did you get yours with the deflecter? Does your Lazer slow on hills since your stops keep the levers at a set distance forward? Is the spray kit from JRCO as well? Sorry for the amount of questions, just trying to figure out what will work good.

  4. GreenQuest Lawn

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    Well I dont spread at 24 ft, yes When cranked up it throws amazingly far. Had to try it once on my yard,it throws the fert out so fast it was bouncing off everything and came flying back at me.

    So anyway I have mine set at 14 ft spread distance. The sprayer is from Perma-green. Its just there 12 volt spray kit that is usually used for walk behind spreaders. It sprays 7' wide so when I spread back to my tire tracks I get the coverage. (I spread at half rate since I am overlapping but that way I get no stripes).

    As far as the deflector no I dont have it (actually I was not aware Jrco had a deflector). Jrco does however have the plastic screen behind the spreader to keep the product from hitting the operator)

    as far as the speed, it seems all of my accounts with hills I can run them sideways so it is not a problem, but I suppose if I had a large hill to do it may slow down some with the stops in place.

    I have a pic of it somewhere but cant seem to find it.

    hope this helps feel free to ask away, you can e-mail me also, I am always happy to help.
  5. David Gretzmier

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    I got the big 250lb spyker, don't get it. drains batteries and other problems. the earthway looks cool and inexpensive. jrco seems to be well reported on in the posts. Dave g
  6. morturf

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    hey David,
    I have had a 200# Spyker for 3 years now, never had a problem with it draining the battery. I use it up to 8 hrs a day for weeks on end. Mine are connected to 19hp and 17hp Kawasaki engines. I think you might have something else wrong. Have you gotten in contact with Spyker? Those guys are pretty helpful about this stuff. Like I said, no problems with mine.
  7. John DiMartino

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    I bought an earthway M21 for the fron of my Dixie.It works good,the only trouble is that its tough to pull the lever,and drive with the ZTR levers.I made a mount for my golf cart to,it works much better on the cart than on the ZTR.Mine only spreads a little further than a walk behind one,but it doesnt cost 900 bucks either.Im part time,so i didnt need one foe a lot of jobs,just tired of walking up some of the hills,and walking my 7 acre property.
  8. tpirobert

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    I have the Earthway spreader also and used a padded trimmer strap to loop around my lower leg an attach to lever on spreader. This works great and your hands are free. Just pul your leg back and the spreader gate opens. I also mounted switch on mower control panel where it is easy to reach.
  9. cantoo

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    I use dry fert and liquid spray machines that I modify to fit my uses. For my 12 volt powered machine I use a auto parts dimmer switch mounted by my foot to turn it on and off. It works really good and is cheap and easy to replace if needed. It works good on the two lever machines I have. Now I'm going to rig up some kind of lever for the fertilizer control that is also foot operated.

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