Dry Stack wall and Flagstone questions

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by JFF, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Hi everyone. This week one of my customers asked me for a bid on some dry stack walls and some flagstone. I have done the labor before, but never had to bid this type of work.

    Made a quick trip to the stone yard and asked some questions. I talked to a guy who told me a ton of fieldstone would cover 35 linear feet a foot high give or take. Somehow, I doubt that logic. (FYI, a ton of fieldstone at my cost will be $150.)

    A ton of flagstone, meanwhile, I was told will cover around 80 square feet. That seems short to me, too. (My cost, $260/ton.)

    So, the question is whether there is some way to roughly estimate how many linear feet a ton of fieldstone will cover?

    My plan is to bid this at 3x materials cost unless someone can show me the error of my ways. The idea of bidding it at an hourly rate + materials seems scary.

    Thanks in advance. I would appreciate any input as I am getting white knuckled over the whole thing.
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    I was told 20 face sf for 8" deep wall rock and 40 face sf for 4" deep wall rock per ton. This is cut sandstone about 2" thick X 2-3 ft long pieces. The 4" can be used on walls up to 1.5 ft ht. Not sure how to translate that to fieldstone though. This is $245/ton.
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    Material multiplied by X is much like this:

    200SF patio w/ lots of cuts curves......8 days. 200 x $30SF = $6,000 w/ $2,000 material = $4,000 labor.....bad

    400SF patio simple and square......5 days. 400 x $30SF = $12,000 w/ $4,000 material = $8,000 labor........good

    This shows you getting burned and losing money on a SF pricing system. Figure your overhead........fuel, insurance, salary, payments etc......divide it out by how much it costs you to say "I'm in business" each day. Say its $500. Then add in money for growth and for you etc. Say you come out to $1,000 per day.

    Project is 5 days = $5,000 labor
    Material is $2,000

    Total for job = $7,000

    Now, this is broken down very simple but I think you get the idea.
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    Thanks guys, I believe I have it worked out.

    Appreciate the help!
  5. JFF

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    I neglected to say this was a very helpful response, tthomas. Thanks a lot.

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