Drywall stilts for trimming hedges?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by 1993lx172, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. 1993lx172

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    I posted this in another section but I wanted to get your thoughts on this as well. I just found out today that my cousin's husband, who used to do drywall while he was in college so they are only a few years old, wants to get rid of his stilts. I do trim some hedges but jobs like that don't come along that often, but at home we have to do our bushes at least every month (stupid Manhattans) and we have a lot of hedges that require a ladder and I think that using the stilts might speed up the cutting process.

  2. edgewood

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    That could be very dangerous. If you get one of the stilts caught on anything (a branch or whatever) over you go, hedge trimmer and all. They would also sink into the dirt as they are meant for hard surfaces. I know, I've used them for drywall and you have to be careful enough when inside. I couldn't imagine using them outside. Using them sounds good in theory, but if your crippled up all season with a broken leg, arm, ribs, face, or worse, that doesn't save you time. They have actually been outlawed even for drywall here in my province by the labour safety nuts.
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    Are you kidding? Tell me this is a joke!

    I'm not saying this is a dumb idea, but it's almost a guaranteed trip to the hospital.

    On second thought it is a dumb idea.
  4. Might want to check your insurance coverage too. Mine says "pruning from ground level".
    I use the Stihl FS 110 line trimmer with the hedge clipper attachment to reach tall shrubs from the ground. It's kind of hard to wrangle, but gives a really good reach.
  5. eatonpcat

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    That sounds like a great idea... probably don't have a need to keep all your limbs intact anyway.
    How bout cleaning gutters by bouncing on a trampoline???... solves another one of the problems caused by those dangerous ladders.:dizzy:
  6. 1993lx172

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    Like I said in that post it was just a random thought. Yes I know that they can be dangerous and significant modifications to the "feet" would be needed for outside use and considerable training would be needed in order to use them. I admit I posted this without fully considering all the pros and cons of this idea and thank you all for the feed back.

    Haggerty: I run a split shaft trimmer (not as good as a sthil but hey the power head was free from one of my clients so I cant complain) so I don't have the reach that you do with your stihl but the articulating trimmer does make it easier. What does your insurance say about trimming from ladders? One of my yards has a holly bush that has grown into a tree that is now between twelve or fifteen feet tall and is starting to look a little shaggy and my insurance says nothing about ladders or trimming from ground level
  7. RickR1818

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    I guess i am the minority here but I thought it was a great idea. Guys that use those stilts lift drywall and screw them into the ceiling so keeping balance cant be that hard.
  8. Think Green

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    David Haggerty,
    What about those 10 feet tall Princess hollies, the Nellie Stephens hollies, or the needlepoint holly,.Weeping Mulberry....to name a few! Privet hedges......Red-Tip Photina's,etc. There are countless plants that need pruning that are tall. Does your insurance not cover this. Mine states the same as yours, but it also states the we cannot work off an 8 foot ladder either. If I am on the second to third rung, it isn't over eight feet. I use all the Stihl attachments and still have to get off the ground. They can bight the bullet!!!!! Not bashing you, but they tell me the same thing, and I don't agree with their politics.

    Stilts is a utility that hasn't been thought of before.........I have used them in the past. Shrubbery beds are usually thick with mulches, water-logged, soft from organic matter and sandy loam fortified fillers, and these stilts will sink up to 4 inches or more. My ladders sink up just the same. I can relate to these things sinking up past the foot plates on the bottom. Then What!!!!??? You have no where to go but down.
    It is easier to jump off a 8 foot ladder than off the stilts.....
    Please, rethink the idea of going out and being a hero...................!
    I thought I was Superman.......when i was younger........LOL! Not any more!!
  9. 1993lx172

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    I have rethought the stilt issue and have decided against it, plus he wants $80 for them plus shipping, so much for family:dizzy:! I'd rather put that money towards college expenses this fall.
  10. TurfTrimmer 92

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    Your not the only one i said the same thing in his other thread.

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