DSL or Cable ?

Discussion in 'Digital Marketing' started by ArizPestWeed, Mar 5, 2005.

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    DSL is a little over priced I thank. The bad thing that comes to mind about DSL is range. DSL is only good from up to about half a mile (I forget the exact feet) from the center switching station. Passed that range the single lose on the wires makes it acts up. To see if you can even get DSL the phone company sends out a person to test the single. They plug a tester into the phone line and check it before even signing you up. I am right at the end of the range where I live at and they told me it may not work but was will to give it a try. I was just a little to far out. They are installing sub-switching stations to extend the range in a lot of areas so if you are out of range now you may not be later on. I would like to have DSL my self. I guess the only real down side in DSL is price.
  2. tonygreek

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    odds are that this was related to the shared-bandwidth issues. evening is the peak usage time for home users, when everyone hops on the 'net, everyone else sees a performance drop-off. it's pretty similar to the problems this site has seen recently, with the "server buys" errors.
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    I changed over from dialup to cable last year, and it has not been good. I have seen it drop down lower than my dialup, sometimes as low as 900 bytes per second. But DSL is not available in my area, or I would try it. I have fought with the cable company about the problem but has done no good.
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    I've got a direcway 2-way dsl system that i paid 700 bucks for that is just sitting here, with a dish mounted in the roof, as soon as cable came around i dropped the dsl, i will never go back.
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    that's not dsl. direcway is direct tv's 2-way satellite internet service, which you are correct is the most amazingly expensive service. it's fine if you don't have access to dsl or cable, but that's probably about it.
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    I'm kinda illiterate when it comes to the different terms used.
    all i know is i wanted speed, direcway was it until cable came around now i'm on the fastest cable speed they offer.
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    My cable company garuntees me the speed I pay for. We upgraded to the 4mgb service which is the fastest they offer (for residental). I have not had any problems with it at all. I used to have comcast and I had nothing but problems was on the phone with them every other week. The finaly raised prices on me and I said enfough is enfough and switched to Wow.
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    i have both ....cable at home.....DSL at office

    In my area due to the shared bandwidth, i notice that more often than not the DSL is much faster than the cable...

    The cable should under ideal conditions be faster.......but i havent seen it yet
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    The thing with DSL is you need to put filters on your phones as it is ran through the same line. Which the filters from what i have heard is very expensive.

  10. PROCUT1

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    The Filters Came With The Modem When I Ordered It

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