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    Yes, there were taller shrubs at that property. The evergreens pictured were 7.5ft tall and 8ft wide. It was incredibly awkward and really was tough to do with the ladder. So i got the lift and was able to float on top of the shrubs and trim and I carried my hand blower and blew off what I can.

    But that won't be a problem anymore, just landed the job to rip out all of those shrubs at that property (45 Yews) and re-design landscaping for the front of the building:weightlifter:

    Thanks! Lol, I've got 2DSLND on its way for the other truck, btw.

    Sweet. Its a sweet truck, love the center console vs fold down middle seat and can't beat them heated seats! Look back through my threads, I've got some pictures somewhere from when I was 14.

    Here are some more pictures of the office/shop. We are preparing for the upcoming local business expo (this Saturday) so i've practically been living here it seems like.

    Here is the main office area where I do all the office work and have meetings with clients and such. You can also see how I keep the business organized with all the white boards....lol


    Shop 001.jpg
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    Heres another picture of the main office.

    Here you can see the retaining wall I built from 7 different colors of Crestone blocks for showing clients the different colors (already sold a few jobs from having this!) as well as some of the pictures my assistant fire chief blew up for me for the expo. And the bulk material sample container under the picture of the sign.

    Shop 002.jpg
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    Picture #3

    Put the small paver arrangement together with Holland pavers. Also, the display the gf is working on with one of my yard signs. The gray blocks are samples for a client who I just met with who was interested in two retaining walls. It really helped with selling the job being able to show him in person what the blocks look like, the texture, etc. vs just showing pictures in the catalog.

    Also, you can see the bathroom in this picutre. Shower there in the background.

    The other door leads to second office, just used as storage for now. Will eventually have a bed in there for sleeping during snow storms.

    Shop 003.jpg
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    I like the office Mitch, hope to have a place like that for myself if thing go right some day. Looking forward to some more pictures.
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    Picture #4

    Garage bay 1: This is the bay I use for storage of the plows for now, but I normally stick a truck in here for storing, etc. You can see the snowblowers and plows all ready to go......if it ever snows!!!

    Shop 004.jpg
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    Picture #5- Right ro the right of bay 1, area for pallets of mortar during summer, hand tools along wall (can't see), wheelbarrows, and farther back is the salt collection. Way in back right hand corner leads to utility room/storage room.

    Shop 005.jpg
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    #6-Heres the best picture I could get of both garage bays. The LH bay I use for the mowing equipment. Everything unloaded everyday, blown off and inspected. Right now I'm tearing down the mowers for tune ups/repairs. The BobCat had a few holes in tires, so I've got those getting fixed and after that, its ready to roll. Also, you can see the drain in the middle of the floor, I also have a hose spicket inside shop, great for washing trucks!

    Shop 007.jpg
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    Last one for now...better view of other bay

    Shop 006.jpg
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    Thanks man! Check out the other pictures.

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    Yeah,that shop looks good and so does the offices.:cool2:

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