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Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by DSLND, Dec 3, 2011.

  1. Lawn Enforcer

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    Nice looking shop Mitch, good sized office too! Always good to stay organized and clean for when customers stop by.
  2. DSLND

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    Thanks, buddy! Yep, i try! That floor in the main office is a PITA to keep clean! Foot prints stick to it like crazy!

    Heres some pictures from this past week. After picture of shrub removal jobs, picture of my booth from local biz expo, etc. I didn't get a chance to take any pictures from snow last week, but I'll hopefully take some tomorrow:weightlifter:



    Expo12 004.jpg

    Expo12 003.jpg

    Expo12 005.jpg

    Expo12 006.jpg

    Expo12 008.jpg

    Expo12 009.jpg

    Expo12 012.jpg

    Expo12 010.jpg
  3. DSLND

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    As i mentioned, I recently joined the local Chamber of Commerce. Tomorrow is the ribbon cutting ceremony at my shop in the afternoon. I've got all the mowers and snow blowers displayed in the garage bays and the plow trucks/trailer outside. I'll be sure to post some pictures!

  4. Dunlaps LawnCare

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    hows the working out for ya bud i just joined are local chamber of commerce about 2 mouths ago and love it
  5. orangemower

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    Mitch, did you rent that lift just to trim the hedges? Curious why you didn't use a ladder and save on the rental fees, if you rented it. That's a lot of shrubs to remove. I agree, with grinding the stumps out versus digging and pulling.

    Ribbon cutting ceremony? WOW, that's cool. Keep up the hard work.
  6. MJS

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    Nice pics man, good to see you are still around and in business.

    Looking forward to seeing more this spring...

  7. DSLND

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    Well I sure wish we would get some more snow! We are honestly keeping busy ripping out shrubs and doing minor landscaping and honestly, the phone is ringing for landscaping. I think people are forgetting about winter and moving forward into spring. Hard to belive this time last year I was about to rip my hair out during a blizzard! Really really glad I joined the chamber. Ribbon cutting ceremony was awesome. Proboably had 25-30 people at shop and got some great pictures in front of the plow trucks and such. Ill post the pictures I had of the trucks outside. The mowers and other power equipment were nicely arranged inside bay1 so people could browse.

    I got the lift for those hedges and a few other difficult ones on other jobsites. I tried using the ladder and it was so awkward under the overhang on the building, even with the extended reach trimmer, it sucked. Eventually, i had the lift "surfing" over the hedges and was working from above them. It worked out great! What a nice lift, too! Bill Jax I think it was. You can run electricity up to the cage as well as water/ neumatic air.

    Very glad we ground out the stumps. We went in yesterday and buried the downspouts and installed pop-up drains as well as threw about 1.5TONS of topsoil up against some low spots around the foundation.

    Yes, it went great! The gf has pictures i will post when I get them on my computer. Thanks!

    Yes, more pictures to follow.

    Pictures as promised of the truck layout and the new sign I just installed today.


    Shop 010.jpg

    Shop 011.jpg
  8. DSLND

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    Figured I'd update you guys on whats been going on lately...

    I think winter is gone...even though I don't remember it ever coming this past year. Anyways, people have been ready for spring for a while here and I've honestly got more work booked as of right now than I've ever had in previous springs. Looking to be a good year.

    Mowers and maintenance equipment are all almost done being fine tuned and cleaned up. Planning on starting clean ups next week.

    Right now I am working on getting the city to let me have bulk bins at my shop. Nothing major, just 3-4 bins for bulk material (mulch, rock, topsoil). I have a hearing in front of the city zoning board on the 14th, hope it goes good! If that gets approved, I'm going to start looking a little harder for a skidder to have for loading material and for snow removal. Also will get forks so I can have blocks, pavers, and more already on hand for upcoming jobs to save time running to stone yard, waiting in line, etc.

    Hope everyone enjoyed the mild winter we had and are ready for spring 2012.

  9. LawnMan19

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    You'll have to keep us updated on everything, I hope they will let you have bins at your shop, and you'll have to get pics of the clean ups as you get do them.
  10. McG_Landscaping

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    looks good. are the plow lights reversed on the unimount?

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