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Dual flaps for striping?

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I have a 48" Great Dane Surfer...fixed deck. The machine pretty much made no stripes stock. This year I installed a heavy semi mud flap (I'm a diesel mech. so I can get them all day long) I also installed a roller kit from Big League Lawns. My stripes look pretty darn good the day I cut, but I'll go by a day or two later & they are faded , Other properties I see around town look good all the way till the next cut-what gives. I'm not cutting them too short at all. I was thinking of bolting another flap to the other one-anyone ever tried this? Half the time I have to pull my roller off because it gets caught up under my mower (reverse in uneven terrain) It's a great roller-just an extremely hard fit on my Surfer (between the mounting spot & the catwalk)

I want a new mower.:mad:
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you need to follow the same stripes in the same direction every couple of cuts so the grass will hold the stripe.
Funny you mention that, becuse last year I had some lawns that would hold the stripe for several dys but not 7. Or if they did, when I changed direction to try to achieve a checkerboard or diamond look, last weeks stripes were gone by the time I was done cutting.I was also using a roller sorta like yours that I built before I knew Big Leage even existed.

<----Since getting the Z, I'm getting great patterns that stay even with no stripe kit.

I'm not really sure why, maybe the wetter milder climate this year?

Anyways, tho help the stripes stay, pick your favorite or most productive direction and run in the same directio, in the same tracks until they are still there next week or you feel you need to change so the tire tracks don't look bad.

Then when you do change direction, cut a 45 over the old stripes, not a 90. Then work on keeping those fresh until you can cut another 45 in a different direct. And so on and so on until all 4 directions are in and visible.
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