dual gas tanks on hustler z

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    My husband is out of town and my Hustler quit. How do you switch from one gas tank to the other (or should I even have to do that?) :confused:
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    Depends on how old your unit is and what model it is.
    Some units have the fuel switch behind the seat, and all you need to do is move the lever to the opposite tank and you are then getting fuel from that tank.
    Some older units have the valves on the bottom of each tank, and you need to turn them to open them.
    On the above models you could run with both valves open and the fuel would be drawn from both tanks equally or you could run with just one open, then you would need to open the other when needed.
    Hope this helps


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    PJ--Strange to tell, but Hustler built a few units late last summer that had BOTH the new fuel selector switch AND the old individual tank petcocks installed! If you, like one of our customers, have a Hustler with a tank selector valve that won't draw from one of the tanks, check for a tank-mounted petcock. If you find one, turn the knurled knob counterclockwise to make sure that it's turned on!

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