Dual Icomes?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by zoey, Aug 9, 2003.

  1. zoey

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    For those that operate their own small lawn care bussiness. Do you guys support you and your families off your Lawn care bussiness alone? Or do your wives also work? If she does work does she bring in more money then your lawn care bussiness?

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    that hurts:(
  3. zoey

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    from ohio
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  4. bob

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  5. maple city

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    My husband is a full time firefighter. We both do the lawn care. This keeps me from having to work full time for someone else. This year we will make more from the Lawn business than I would if I had a full time job working for someone else. It's pretty nice since I only have to work 2-3 days a week. My husband's income is still more than we bring in with the business, but next year, I expect to exceed his yearly income. I know that the bigger companies on the forum are making alot more $$$ than this, but for a part-time operation, we are finally doing pretty good.

    We could, in the next couple of years, support the family with only the business income, but my husband won't quit the Fire Dept. because of the great health insurance and his pension. Also, you can't get much better job security than being a firefighter.
  6. MOW ED

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    Maple City, I know he works his ----- off in Gary and the pay is not the best. I tip my hat to him. I grew up on the East Side of Chicago (right near Whiting/Hammond) and worked for Riverdale FD for 5 years.
    I am now a LT and have been here in Packerland for 13 years.

    There are lots of rumblings about cutbacks here too and we are nowhere as busy as Gary.
    My wife and I work lawns 2 days a week in the mowing season and almost every off day in spring and fall. The lawn business is a seperate business and is self sufficient but it took some years to get here.
    I have a great admiration for the folks here that do it to put bread on the table. It takes a special type of person to be as tough as that.
  7. zoey

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  9. mtdman

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    My wife works, but I have always made far more than her.

  10. bastalker

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    My works. she doesn't make near as much as I do, but she carries the benefits. She also loves her job working with the elderly. Wait she carries the benifits. Maybe she does make as much as I do:D

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