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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Mowman, Oct 25, 2001.

  1. Mowman

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    What is the advantage of Dual Wheels on a truck? I'm looking for a Cab&Chassic Truck, Ford or Chevy 1 Ton. Some have single rear and some have Duals. What's the advantage or disadvantage of each type.
  2. 75

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    Dual wheel advantage: Higher GVW, larger rear brakes.

    Dual wheel disadvantage: 2 more tires to buy, brake parts more expensive.

    If you intend to do a lot of hauling/towing heavy loads with the truck, dual wheels are a good idea IMO.

    If on the other hand the truck isn't going to see any heavy hauling duty, single rear wheels will work OK and save you some $$$. You know your intended application best!

    ERIC ROBERGE LawnSite Member
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    Duel rear wheels will also widen your wheel base some. That will add stability while towing heavier trailers or loads in the bed. You may notice that you don`t notice the trailer as much while you are pulling it.
    If you get a used one try to get and axle with hubless drums. You don`t have to pull the axle out to do a brake job. That makes it cheaper to do the brakes if you have a shop do it and easier if you do it. I believe the drums will be cheaper also.
    I think the newer trucks mostly come with rear disc brakes standard. They generally last longer between brake jobs but rotors are usually quit expensive when you need them.
  4. Pepper2

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    Duel rear wheel trucks will get suck on wet grass. I have been pulled out of more rodeo grounds than I care to remember. With all that extra rubber on the ground you have great highway stability and stopping power but the tires wonÂ’t bite if you are in poor traction conditions. I would not be with out my duelly but be advised.
  5. m&m

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    you boys are right on target with the duallies. i miss mine because there are times when i pull my big trailer i would rather have my old dually back.but what i have now pulls the ole 30 ft gooseneck flatbed just fine. take there advice on advantages and disadvantages. they took words out my mouth

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