Dual wheels on a walk behind?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by ealbertson, Feb 2, 2003.

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    I am trying to come up with a way to do away with the rut that the lower tire creates on softer hills. I was thinking about a dual wheel setup. I have an eXmark 2002 48" Turf Tracer HP walk behind that I am thinking about doing it on. Does this sound like a good way to do it or can you suggest another way? Do you see any problems this would create? If it does make sense do you know where I can get the adapters?

    Just a note, the mower is not the problem, it's the terrain. I could use a small walk behind or weed eater, but I want to get home before midnight....

    Any ideas will be appreciated.


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    Without seeing the site and from what you’re telling me I suspect that you probably shouldn't be using a wide area walk behind on this property. Remember we never recommend that any of our walk behind products be used on hills exceeding 19 degrees.

    If you’re tempted to use a 21" or a weedeater my recommendation would be to go with your instincts. They're telling you that for a reason.

    Back to the dual wheels. I don't know any adapter and it would be difficult to know how the machine might react in this or other conditions with the addition of the duals. The addition of the dual wheels could also increase the side loads on the wheel motor, which could possible cause premature failure.

    I would however recommend that you look at the drive tires. Does your machine have the 16x6.50 or the 16X7.50 drive tires? If you've got the 6.50's the 7.50's may be all the upgrade you need.

    I would also look at the ruts. Are they occurring after each mowing or is it a cumulative effect caused by several mowing. If it is cumulative a slight change in the overlap when you mow may help. If it's occurring after each mowing I would look at tire pressures.

    If the rutting is occurring after each mowing it may not be the tires "squatting" under the heavy side load caused by the hill allowing the low side of the mower to "dip" slightly. If the low side of the mower deck is dipping slightly it can cause a low cut that can look like a tire rutting issue. If that is the case increasing the tire pressure should eliminate the problem.

    Good luck.



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