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    A guy called me the other day, and asked about mowing the lawn at his new house, which he said was quite high, as he hadn't been able to keep up with it due to opening a new business.

    I gave him a per hour quote, and told him I'd then give him a bid after the first mowing if he wanted regular service. He said OK, and I agreed to do it the next afternoon.

    Well, the yard was a bit high. Some of it was higher than the seat of my ZTR and even the lowest, where he had mowed at some point in time, was probably at least 10 inches tall. To top that off, it was all rye grass, and even though it was late afternoon, it was still wet.

    So, the guy comes out and shows me some things to watch for in the yard, then asks if my mower mulches. I told him I didn't run mulching blades, but that grass this tall wouldn't mulch correctly anyhow.

    He then asked, "The grass isn't going to clump up, is it?" I about got tickled. No sir, the grass is only 30 inches high, and wet, clumping won't be a problem. :) Instead I told him I'd just do the best I could, and ended up running back over the whole thing trying to disperse the cuttings a bit better at no charge.

    Upside is he hired me for weekly service. Just amazes me how dense some people seem to be.
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    Oh yea.......pp. are stupid. sometimes I get real sick of dealing with them. I'd rather deal with other contractors and business owners, than the stupid azz public.
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    You charged him double what it would normally cost, right?

    Because I would have, maybe more to clean up the clumps but with a double rate it's not so bad.

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