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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Kelly's Landscaping, Sep 19, 2005.

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    So lets see he could never work more then about 6-8 weeks in a row before having a break down he must have quit on me 5 times. Was late or did not show every single day he was scheduled. So this season is no different only I will never take him back he runs off a lawn leaves the mower running in the back yard and takes off. A month later I get a notice he is asking for unemployment with the statement " I got fired " so I go to the hearing. I get a 350 pound black lady as my caseworker he phones in needless to say I lose for no reason at all other then she did not like me. He claimed I worked him to hard and he had to leave ( ummmm isn't that quitting ) said I worked him 7 days a week 12 hours a day his 8 time cards and pay stubs proved he worked 27 days out of 58 and averaged 31 hours a week. (ummmm isn't that lying) but I lose so I have a new appeal hearing on Thursday this week.

    So guess who just called me at midnight yup wonder boy he has had it with his new wife and now wants his job back and is willing to drop the unemployment if I hire him. How dumb can you be he accuses me of calling his wife all sorts of crap in the hearing made up 2 dozen or more lies. I could not keep up with the BS that came out of his mouth and he has the balls to ask for his job back tonight. He said sorry about all that but you understand I just needed the money so I said what I had too. I said you could have kept working instead of quitting he goes I know but I was just to messed up at the time so I needed a break.

    I am going to go to bed now and laugh my self to sleep like I would ever take some one back that will screw me over on the drop of a hat. Not to mention his work sucked, slow and bad attitude but best off al he has a horse shoe around his neck bad luck just falls on him everywhere since he’s been gone nothing breaks no one gets pulled over and the wet lands nazis have not made me go in on a holiday to remove 2 yards of grass behind one of my accounts homes again. I loved that last one she just happened to be driving by and went off on my partner. Best part it was not even a wetland but that did not stop her for treating to crucify Lou if he did not knee before her.

    So he’s not working and now wants to get custody on his new 4-month-old son yea that’s going to go over well. He just self destructs and for that reason I gave him Dan's numbers to ask for a job figure my ex boss could use a man like him LOL.
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    might want to see if you could take him back and sign a probationary letter telling him the rules and in it slip a little thing about how he quit last time and that if he does it agai he will be fired for cause and not just allowed to quit. :D If he's dumb enough to sign it then you have written proof that he quit.
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    Yeah, I would hire him back as your easy way out of the unemployment BS then you can fire him shortly again.

    By the way, in order to draw unemployment don't you have to be fired through NO fault of your own? Yeah, so document FAULT!

    Document the thing about the mower in the back yard.
    Document every thing, every fault.
    Of course, he has to sign it, that would help...

    To deal with the unemployment office, you got to be humble. Don't know how to explain it exactly but dressing DOWN would help, and not acting like an owner would help as well (keep your head down, life sucks). Trust me, I have appointments at the county health office and the goal here is NOT to come out like a king, the goal is to come out unscathed because they CAN ruin your day because they have a LOT of POWER, and once you understand this, you'll do just fine. Treat every employee like Mr. and Mrs., yes sir and no ma'am and in a sotto voice, almost like at a funeral but not quite. Pretend you're on welfare, act like you get paid 200 dollars/week and wearing your shabbiest clothes wouldn't hurt. There, you're on your way to dealing successfully with the unemployment office.
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    Sad but that is the truth.. I've noticed the same thing this year..

    PMLAWN LawnSite Gold Member
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    Our goverment at work! The less you work the more you can make and the hard working man has to pay for it.
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    Wait a minunte he a has quit 5 times and you have taken him back in the past. Dosen't show up to work on scheduled days, I'm sure that there are better people out than this tell him to take a walk. If you want to get out the unemployment, document everything and put him on probation make him sign it and then have it notorized give him a copy and have a copy for your records. Then wait for him to quit and hire better help
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    thats the truth. ive been disapponted with women workers this year, cause all theyve done is try and scam me. had a white boy try and scam saying we didnt pay him his full check when he quit. right then the female receptionist spoke up and said he made a sexually explicit comment to her in the office, which is monitored by a security camera. when we called the guy up and mentioned her claim to him... all he said was that we had a stronger case than him and he was willing to walk away and call things even.
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    kelly, what was this kids race??
  9. Brianslawn

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    i got $100 on white.

    no offense guys, im white, though darker than my hispanic friends as tanned as i am. white guys under 30 in this part of the south at least that can out work us iowa farm boys are very few.
  10. imdawrlus

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    i've noticed that when people talk about "mexicans" being excelent workers, they are talking about people, born in mexico that came here to find work.

    now as soon as thoes people start having kids here in the us, they get used to the lazy lifestyle, and usualy become terrible workers. i'm not saying ALL of them, i'm mostly talking about people from the inner city and urban areas....the exact same thing goes for white people...

    the people i hate most in this world are the "wiggers" and "thugs and players"....the ones who walk around all day rapping about how life sucks and they have it so hard and yo yo yo this and that....then they go home to live in their closet and have 9 kids with their girlfriend....ofcorse their life sucks so much that they cant find a job so they have to claim disability for some undiagnosed social disorder....who the hell would want to hire them anyways? they look and talk like idiots.....i could go on and on all day about this subject but i'll stop now haha...

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