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Discussion in 'Landscape Lighting' started by Mike M, Mar 9, 2008.

  1. Mike M

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    I have a particular setting which would be ideal for the loop method, but I never used it.

    When I get to the end of the run, I need to connect the two wires, and this gives equal distribution of volts throughout system?

    What about installing a small hub in the circuit with a fuse, like Unique recommends with the hub system, just in case someone cuts a lead and crosses the wires?
  2. Lite4

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    In a loop you are still going to have unequal voltage between fixtures due to this particular method. It is not unlike a daisy chain in that your first fixture will have a higher voltage reading and the following ones down the line will read less. It is essentially a daisy chain starting from 2 sides. The middle fixtures will read a significant drop if it is a long loop. I would probably just stick with a hub unless you are wiring LEDs, but I would probably still take James' advice and still build your systems the right way until the LEDs have proven themselves for a while in the field.
  3. Mike M

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    Tim, are you certain that looping does not provide equal voltage? Low Voltage is A/C, when looped, it should equal out, like line voltage. I would think.

    I need to enter the tabby/shell foundation with as few wires as possible, it's very tight in there. I'm putting together the bid, I hope to get this job. It's not LED, I demo'd with Stellers and they flippin loved it. They asked for no uplights, but really liked it when I showed them.
  4. JoeyD

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    Loop will help balance but will not provide you with equal voltage. Just liek the T and the daisy chain, for it to work properly you have to abide by strict distance rules to ensure you do not let any lamp dip below the required 10.8v. It is almost impossible to do on a real size job scale. Make sure you note polarity as well as you will need to keep polarity for the loop to work and not short itself out.
  5. Pro-Scapes

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    I have yet to see an instance where I HAD to use a loop and there just was no other way. Stop being lazy and wire it right mike....loops...piercepoints... whats next ? solar ?
  6. S&MLL

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    Has anyone used the voltage regulators. Its a little bx that you wire inbetween the fixture and the line and it doesnt let voltage go past 11.8. Sometimes it only makes sence to put a light in on a line before it goes to the "hub". I forget what company makes them but my distributer has a box full of them for about 10 bucks i think. I have not gotten the chance to use one yet since being told about them. Was just wondering if anyone else had experience with such a product.
  7. Chris J

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    I've never used one, but I guess that might come in handy if it actually worked the way you describe. Personally, my initial thought is that this is just another gadget that will potentially fail. I would advise you to wire your systems correctly from the beginning, and leave room for future expansion. Any unnecessary equipment is just that; unnecessary. :nono:
  8. Mike M

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    Had to use a loop? Is it a liability? Even tonight I was doing demo with four stellers off a gutter. Wouldn't looping be a great method? One wire. I'm not trying to be lazy or cheap, I just thought the loop was much better than chaining in such an application. Billy, are you saying I should have a hub on the roof? Or run multiple wires up a gutter?

    Tonight I had four consecutive dormers. You tell me, what's the best way to wire that?
  9. Lite4

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    I run 1 wire up the gutter 1 hub, or more if needed. I place the hub in the gutter and wire individually from there.
  10. The Lighting Geek

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    Yep, just like Tim said.

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