Dumb me. Hydro oil leak. Ferris

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MSlawnBoy, Mar 21, 2014.

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    Your probably fine as for not needing new hydro pumps. Just fix your leaks. I had a leak on my scag with only 10 hours on it. o-ring failed, and replacements kept failing after a week or two. Dealer was no help, bunch of jerk offs and I wont buy from them again. Tried putting me on a waiting list of over a week to fix my brand new mower that I need daily. No offer of a demo unit to use in the mean time. I finally got it to stop when I put in a new O-ring and sileconed the crap out of the surrounding area after installing the line back. Not pretty but hasn't leaked since.
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    Wow!!!! It's amazing how some dealers just don't care about the customer. I have one of those close to where I live and I would not spend a penny in their shop.
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    tHANKS TO all for the help! Put 4 new hoses on and she is driving better than new! No more leaks!

    And thanks on the tip with going to NAPA to get the hoses! That saved me 100 bucks!! So thank you. All 4 of the hoses were leaking, some worse than others.

    All is good, wheeewww.

    I'm still not sure what caused this, but it may have something to do with a lot of grass clippings and debris built up between the tires and the hoses?? It's hard to clean out with your hand, but you can bet I'll find something to use to keep that area clean!
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    We just learned a few things in the process of fixing leaks. There is a pressure relief valve in the hydro/transimission filter. We were having a leak at the right wheel and stumbled across a forum where a man said that you could rebuild/replace pumps and hydro parts until you're blue if you don't get the pressure relief working right. The best we can understand is the the relief is built into the filter?! If you use the wrong oil, the filter does not work up to specs. Also, we agree there's bad design in the hoses. We had pin leaks and also the hose from the tank to the filter is just a mess. And the plastic tank with a rubber fitting just shoved into the bottom? really? I want to see if someone's done a better design on that one.

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