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Dumb Question about insurance


LawnSite Fanatic
I wasd wondering if anyone knew..." I cant seem to find it in my policy"

if my mowers are covered for theft ?

I have a general policy for rocks and stuff like that ?

but I bought a new wZmark and I sure would hate to see that thing stolden ?

does anyone know? thx


LawnSite Senior Member
N. Woodstock, NH
Buisness insurance has a couple components
General liability and equipment
Equipment has schedules (big stuff) and unscheduled (little stuff)
The bigger stuff is ususally "cheaper/1000" than the little stuff.
Many think just because the have a liability policy that it cover everything.
They forget about the truck, trailer liability, ect,,,,
Talk to person that does "commercial lines",,,,,,your reqular agent ususally
doesn't have the backround in this area.
I used to own an insurance agency in a former life


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I am an insurance agent in TN and sell General Liability and Commercial Inland Marine (no association to boats) policies for my lawn care customers. The CIM will cover your equipment and yes THEFT is a covered peril. You will need to talk to your agent in your state because coverages change from state to state. Typically you will have to have some kind of Homeowners insurance to have a CIM. Hope this helps!

Nathan Robinson

LawnSite Senior Member
Dude, if you want the best prices and best coverage I advise you call this guy right here. His name is Quinn Shepherd. He owns Shepherd insurance. His number is 812-426-1967...
his personal cell is 812-589-1772
I bet you will save money and get the coverage you want. A simple phone call can be the equivelent to a weeks pay over a period of a year. Nathan


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WOW thanks a million guys.....

My wife has informed me the the policy is at the bank in the save deposit box.....:hammerhead:

No wonder I couldn't find it,,,, I tore this house UP:blob2: