Dumbest reason to ever lose a customer

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by wvaughn7, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. wvaughn7

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    Ok, so I guess this is my rant for the week. Last week we go to mow a lawn that hasn't been mowed in three weeks. :hammerhead: We get there and I say to myself "Hey this is a nice account that I am getting a good profit for I will not charge extra for this first cut to make them happy." So, anyway we mow the yard and pick up all the clippings as asked. Everything looks immaculate considering the height of the yard to begin with. When this is done I notice a few little weeds in the flowerbed by the road. So I pull them up because it takes all of 10 seconds, and I believe customers notice these things. A couple days I get a call from the lady and she says that she will be going with another service because the yard was growing back too quickly with us cutting it. She then states that it doesn't look like the blades are sharp and maybe that is why the yard isn't getting "cut good" and growing back too quick. The yard is filled with dandelions and various other weeds, and she also notices that there are too many weeds since we started mowing, but she will not let you do anything extra except mow and weedeat. No edging or anythign.

    How dumb can some people be? Can she really think that we control how fast it grows?
  2. madisonpressurewashing

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    I hear dumb stuff like this everyday. I think America is realy dumbing down.
  3. tophermaintcrew

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    Dude, this sounds so familiar it makes me sick haha. We have had several customers in the past that have accused us of everything from 'the grass clippings are growing in the gardens'!? to, ' when you cut the grass, the clippings are peeling...thats right...peeling the paint off my garage door'. I could think of more.
  4. Get Some...

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    Sound's like a competitor stopped by and talked to her....
  5. wvaughn7

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    Oh well I know a competitor stopped haha. We also take care of the neighbors lawns and they say she goes through 2-4 lawn care companies a year. I am actually glad we lost this account after getting to know her, but it still confused me. At the beginning of the year she called and we gave her the price and she was like well go ahead and do it every other week, with edging, and grass clipping removal. I told her that she did not state that she wanted those things when asking for an estimate so it would be extra, especially for bagging grass that hasn't been cut in two weeks. She thought it was absurd to charge extra for going biweekly by itself and said it was the same to pick up the grass every week as every other. She declined doing anything extra and still resented our price. I guess she tried us till she could find some lowballer to mow, edge, and bag the grass for $25 all on a fairly large lawn.
  6. weeze

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    people are weird sometimes...why not just tell you she found someone cheaper? i wish people were more straightforward.
  7. rain man

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    Count your blessings...she could have stayed with you. Got one right now that I wish would go ahead and change to someone else. But noooo.....she wants to stay and be crazy. Going to have to do something.
  8. ajslands

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    Dam, imagine if you did the first cut free and she got rid of you after that!
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  9. tophermaintcrew

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    We're to the point that, should a customer cause us so much trouble each visit, it probably isn't worth our time and their money. So I guess sometimes its worth 'firing' the customer, cutting our loss, and moving on.
  10. rain man

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    I can see that. Time is money.

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