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dumbest thing u ever did, in front of a customer


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what's the dumbest thing u ever did in front of a customer? here's mine: when we first started out, we had a spring cleanup job, that i bid at $135. we owned one hand held blower, and some rakes. myself, and 2 others were on the property 6 hrs, and weren't nearly done, when the homeowner came out to chat. as i was walking towards him, with my hand extended to shake his, there was a claw rake laying on the ground, i didn't see it, i stepped on it(just like the cartoon) and bam, ended up on my butt with a huge lump on my forehead. he felt so sorry for me, he paid the $135, and told me go home. another time, i had a tiny mitsubishi truck, i needed 2 ton of stone for the next day, so i figured i would get one today, drop it off, then show up the next morning with the other ton. so, i get the stone, go to clients house, ask if i can unload it in the driveway, he says sure. so, i pull straight(front first) into the driveway, drop the tailgate, and proceed to shovel out the stone onto the driveway, all the while chatting with the client. when i get done, i say, "see u tommorow." get in the truck, and realize, i can't get out of the driveway......i unloaded the stone, and blocked my self in.anyone else have any beginner screw ups that were funny?


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Blocking yourself in with stone is pretty funny, customer cant say much as he didnt notice the mistake either. I was pulling out of a gas station last year around 4:00 so it was pretty crowded and there was an LCO there mowing at the time. Went in and paid, got in my truck to leave, at this particular gas station you pull right out onto a county road highway thats pretty busy so you have to kinda step on it to get out of there. Pulled out and looked in my rear view mirror and noticed I forgot to put the gas cap back on the mower. Gas went flying everywhere I was pulled over running around traffic looking for the cap as cars and truck were screaming by me blowing thier horns all the while evreyone at the station were just staring at me. The other LCO thought it was pretty funny, I felt like a jackazz.


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Martinsville, IN
I have done that where I leave my gas caps off of my mower and all of my gas cans. Never a pleasant situation...

One time I was trimming some tall hedges with an electric hedge trimmer and I cut through my own cord. The customer came outside and asked why her hairdryer suddenly turned off. It turns out that I must have created a short or something because none of her outlets worked outside, in her bedroom, or in her garage. She had a big freezer in the garage too, full of food. I know it didn't get fixed for a week or more, so I suppose all of her food went bad! Ouch!


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Last year when I leaned over to look at the bottom of the mower and put my hand right on top of the muffler. Took about 6 weeks to heal the burn on my palm. At least it was my left hand.


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Indianapolis, IN
I had a worker do the same as SPECIALTYLC. He put his hand right on top of the muffler where it said HOT. Had HOT burned in reverse on his hand.



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2 seasons ago, we were short-staffed. occasionally i will actually mow something when we are short on help. that year it was so bad, that i even had my wife out on a mower on this one weekend. and therein lies the story...

pulled up to customers house, unload the equipment. we were so backed up, that even though it was saturday, all our crews were working. that left little in the way of mowers for us. we were relegated to an old john deere 725 and the newer john deere 620. the reason they were available is because no one really wants to use them. you gotta love exmark, eh? anyway, we get her set up on the 725, and off she goes, making a straight line toward the back of the property. Meanwhile, poof...out of nowhere there's the customer. don't you love it when they sneak up on you? of course they don't really sneak, you just can't really hear them when equipment is running. but i digress. we are standing there chatting, and she gets to the drainage ditch that you find so often surrounding properties in neighborhoods. now she has had a number of hours on this type of equipment, but apparently not enough. she goes for it. the customer and i are about 50 yards away and watch her drive down in, level back out a little, and boom...she's stuck, perfectly. 2 wheels on one slope, two on the other. it was comical. she was mortified and i think the customer was embarrased for her. i had to tell both of them that everyone gets a mower stuck at least once or twice, it didn't help my wife's embarrasment much.


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heres a really bad (or good depending on how you take it) one.

theirs this farm like property that I do. Large property, theirs a front, pool area and a back. I came in to cut early afternoon last season. I started out and went 1st pass in the front-and I see somone sleeping in a chair by the pool. I cut the mower low and rolled by so I didnt wake her.

I went and cut the back and then came back round front-I can see from the top of the hill that their is still somone sleeping so I get off and weed the garden beds first (this house has a large number of beds in the pool area that they like weeded) I decide to weed first and let her sleep a little longer.

I fill the first bucket of weeds up and walk down the hill, past the pool to dump in compost. As I walk back up, I glance over and the chick sleeping is totally naked! She must not have remembered or woken up to realize I was their and taken her clothes off.

I tiptoed up the hill-drove round back into their driveway and fired up the mower real loud. Needless to say, I think she woke up and sprinted for the house:D

She never knew what happened, thankfully.


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Newport RI
I peed on a customers shoe by mistake.

Well no I didnt, but cant think of anything funny right now.