dump bed conversion


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hello all,
i was wondering if anyone on hear had experiance with the kits that allow your p/u truck bed to work as a dump bed. i realize this is full of compromises but had seen a kit in northern tool for around $850. the kit said it was capale of lifting 4000#. just thought it might add some versatility to the truck. thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Jason Rose

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Check that out^^^

Also do a search for "dump bed truck"

There's been a lot of talk about the conversion kits on here in recent past. Most say NO they are worthless. As long as it's for leaves, grass, and very small loads of rock and dirt I think one would work ok.

I have a friend that has one on a '88 Ford long bed that he uses with his lawn service. They mow around 200 lawns a week and this truck gets dumped literally 2 to 4 times a day. Not sure of the brand of the kit, it was installed prolly 10 years ago. Still works, but like I said I have no Idea of the PROBLEMS he may have with it, I just see it work. (oh, he has 2+ foot side boards on the bed too. That's around 3,000 lbs of grass if it's wet.)