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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by stevesmowing, Dec 18, 2005.

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    I am looking at getting a new truck and maybe a new trailer. The first plan was to get a 2001-2002 2500HD with a 6x12 dump trailer. I then thought bout maybe just a dump bed but I don't like having to have an insert in it all the time as it will be a personal truck as well. With that being said how are the dump beds that lift the existing bed in a truck. Are they strong enough or do they tend to twist and bend. I figure $2,500 or so for a dump kit and $4,000 for a used 6x12 tandem dump trailer. Do these prices seem about right?
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    There's only one GM dump bed kit on the market that let's you tow a trailer with your factory hitch and bumper intact. The problem with inserts is they weigh between 700 & 900 pounds, reducing the payload and eating gas. Then you've lost the factory tailgate and 'personal use' look. My kit weighs about 200 to 225 pounds and nobody knows the bed dumps until I hit the switch.
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    Can you email me, jim@jslandscaping.net I have a few questions. Thanks.
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    Yessir That sounds right...

    BTW: depending on when your planning on purchasing, Im selling my truck in March. Its a 2001 2500HD with an 8ft curtis and only 60k miles with new brakes, tires, tranny fluid, front and rear diff fluid, new belts, and other prevententative maintenance stuff. PM me if your interested.

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