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Dump body on Isuzu NPR 4500


LawnSite Member
Having an absolute fit here to get an Isuzu NPR 4500 w/ a 12' to 14' dumping stake body. Dealer says that the lift kit parts and install is about $2,800.00. Do you think it's worth this much money, or should I just climb my lazy rear end up in the truck and fork out the mulch, leaves, grass, chips, whatever?!?!?! This will become the primary business vehicle towing a 6X16 tandem every day.

Hello Mowin4cash:

You might look a little further & find a better deal on a Dump Body. Just make sure you check the Quality on the Dump Assembly.

I was at this website the other day & their website is finished up yet, but you might find contact information there on the home page. If they can't help you ask if they know who to contact.

The URL:http://www.superlawntrucks.com

I'm sure there is plenty of other places too!

The extra labor involved in doing it the hard way, would probably save you that much in extra labor in less than a years time. If you think that is what you want, buy it?

No matter how small it is, any Little thing that can save you Time or Money, I suggest going for it. If you have to haul clippings or leaves, make sure you are getting paid well for this extra service you are providing your customers.

Example of Saving Time & Making More Money:
Every morning the guys would stop & get Ice. Well no matter what it was 20 to 30 minutes. 1 guy had to go to bathroom, another make a call & etc... Then again at 10 or 11 in the morning.

Well it was killing me time wise, so I froze ice in 2 liter bottles & put it in the water jug. I had one guy that would come in the house & get ice, then refill jugs for the next day.

I worked 5 people most of the time. OK 5X40 minutes=200 minutes. 3 hours 20 minutes a day. I made a extra $100+ a day. I did go & offer to take LOL, who ever had to go to the john & he picked up what they wanted. In the after noons the same thing, except I made deal with them that I buy their drinks. Hey, I spend $5 a day to make well over a $100 a day any day of the week & the guys were more than happy!

Do the math I only showed average of 2 stops, figure 3 stops a day. It came up to close to $200 a day in extra labor. It showed up on my Gross Profits in no time, about the first week. A Nice Killer Raise!

It's all about Saving Time & Money![/url]


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Seattle WA
Is that price just for a hoist or for bed and hoist? I have done searches locally and found an average for hoist on existing flatbed is 1900. Beds are usually at least 12 to 1500 depending on size. If you can get a bed with hoist for 2800 it's probably a good deal. The only caution is to make sure the hoist will lift more than your legal weight capacity. We put a 14' dump on a truck and quickly figured out that we should have gone with more weight capacity. It's funny how quickly you start doing bigger jobs and wishing you could fit just a little more in the truck.
Tommorrow I am going to take a look at a older GMC (Isuzu) with a turbo oil burner and a automatic.

It has a hi cube 12-14 van body with a roll up door.
The upper corner of the body is damaged some and the fiberglass roof is busted. By cutting the top of the body and roof off down to cab height and adding a custom handy ramp end gate will make the truck ideal for my operations.


LawnSite Bronze Member
Southern, Maine
Lawrence try to find a tailgate lift like the ones the semi truck trailers have you can put mowers on it and lifts them right up to box or buy a hoist for a ramp gate Northern tool might have them? kinda like the one superlawn truck has.


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Nathan, thanks for your reply. The price of $2,800.00 included the bed (Quality Truck Bodies) and the hoist. Just wondering if any of you guys actually own and use one of these trucks? Just need some advice from actual users about durability, mileage, practicality, etc.


LawnSite Member
Let me change the equation. Try the GMC/Isuzu 4500 truck with the 132.5" wheel base, but instead of only the dump body, have one of those large across the frame tool boxes next to the cab, with the 12' body behind the box. Check it out on http://www.readingbody.com I think the name of the box is REV-Pac. Don't want the cube box, kinda hard to dump mulch, chips, stone, etc.

gene gls

LawnSite Gold Member

I bought a 99 Mitsubshi 108" wb and have gotten 4 prices so far for a 10' platform dump. The factory made bodys compleat with hoist instaled are in the area of $3800.00 to $4400.00..A custom heavy duty was priced at $7000.00 compleat.The biggest factor I have found is the distance from the ground to the body deck. The factory bodys run from 11 1/2" to 15 1/2" above the truck rails.I am looking to use a telescoping hoist and 4" body rails to keep the deck as low as possiable.