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    I was looking at a used poly dumper dog. I was wondering what do I have to do to mount it? Theres no way I can just bolt thru the bed. So what do I use a piece of channel under the bed?
  2. trock

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    They use the bed bolts that go through the truck frame.

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    ok that sounds easier then making new holes.

    Would there be a problem putting a 8ft dumper on a 6.5ft bed?

    The company that makes steel ones does 9ft inserts on 8ft beds. So it shouldnt matter but I guess it all depends on the manufacture.
  4. mlavin73

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    I have a Downeaster dump bed in my truck. I think the dealer drilled new holes in the bed. I don't think they used existing bed mounts in my install.
  5. LandFakers

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    EZ dumper has to drill their own holes...
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    they just put mine right through the floor of the bed. that's it. never had a problem. Stock Pick up boxes look nice but they are junk. Save your money and put a hoist under a little flatbed and sell the box. I totaled my truck box plowing last winter... I was kinda' glad actually. I was looking for a reason to scrap that box and put a dump on it. Love it!
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    The place that installed mine fabbed 4 big brackets, bolted those to the truck frame and bolted the insert to those. Probably overkill but definitely good to go.

    No way would I put an 8 foot insert in a 6.5 foot bed. Overloading the rear axle is a big enough problem as it is, you will compound it greatly by adding all that loaded weight behind the axle. I'd either get a 6.5 foot insert or better yet a pickup with a useful bed- a full 8 feet. Never made any sense to me to buy a work truck with a dinky little bed.

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