Dump insert instead of Dump truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Jamesgateslandscaping, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. Jamesgateslandscaping

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    I have been looking at a 1 ton dump to lease but the residual value messes everything up because the dump body. I have found a dump insert that will lift 10,000lbs(maxi dump). I like leasing because of the plowing and towing that I do and I dont have to worry about having to try and sell it. The truck it will be going it would be an 06 GMC 3500 dually (diesel or gas(undicided)) My question I am posing is that: Is the dump insert going to be as effective as a dump truck? I will be hauling a wide variety of materials (from mulch to stone to dust to loam). Im not worried about hauling a lot of material (anything over 7 or 8 yds I have delivered if its stone or loam), is it worth looking into more?
    Any help will be greatly apreciated!
  2. Itsgottobegreen

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    Get the dump truck. Dump trucks are always worth more when it comes to resale. Since everybody wants/needs a dump truck. I have had mine 2 months now and had 2 offers from people to buy it for more than I paided for it.

    Diesel is a must with any dump truck. You can get a new chevy 3500 dump for as lot as $29,000. $35,000 with 4x4 and diesel.
  3. Jamesgateslandscaping

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    Im gonna lease though, the lease will be around 370 for the 1 ton diesal (about) without dump for 3 years. The dump is $600+ for 3 year lease. Im concerned about the performance, the dump insert is comparable to the dump bed in performance and Im just wondering oppinions. I hate selling vehicles and I dont want to buy another one, I like the leasing more, espeiclly with the amout I use/way I use it, just hand them the keys back and leave.
  4. Jerry and Sons

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    I have a dump insert and it works great for me. I have it in a 2000 f-350 with a v-10 motor. The onlydraw back is that you have to watch your weightyou are only able to carry one ton (2000 Lbs) without being over weight. The cops are hard on this in Pa. The bed can raise and lower alot mow thaN 2000 lbs but it is the heavy weight you have to watch. Good Luck.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    Like the others said you will run out of payload with a P/U and a slip in dump because you have the weight of the factory box 500lbs or so plus another 1000lbs with the slip in. You get a 1 ton that is a true cab and chassis put a mason box on it you are far better off. A 1 ton with a 8-9' box is still pretty light you run out of legal payload thats why you see more F-450s.

    I'am currently trying to get a 11' box for a 95 F-450 it will be legal for 6000lb payload or 2-2.5 yards of gravel. My old 88 F-450 I have had close to 9000lbs of gravel on it I tried to keep the loads around 6000lbs packing 4.5 ton on a 1.5 ton truck is a tad overloaded :laugh: the DOT man would be making me payup
  6. Jamesgateslandscaping

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    I truck is good for 8600lbs, and I plan on putting timbrens on the truck that boost it up 5600lbs. DOT isnt to bad in my area and I plan on only driving short distances. Anyone have pictures of one in a dually?
  7. Gravel Rat

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    The gvw on the truck is only 11,400lbs the truck will weigh minimum 7500lbs more like 8000lbs empty that leaves you with about 4000lb real world payload. Adding Timbrens WILL NOT increase the carrying capacity of the truck they will help keep the truck from squatting.

    I looked at the maxi dump it weighs 1000lbs so subract that from your payload now your down to 3000lbs. It says the box has a 2.5 yard capacity you put that much of sand or crusher/screenings into the box it weighs 6227lbs roughly thats 3000lbs over your payload capacity.

    11,400lbs Gvw
    8,500lbs tare weight with insert
    2,900 lb real world payload
    6,227 lbs of sand (2.5 yards box capacity)
    3,327 lbs overloaded

    14,727 lbs gvw at our over load fine rate that is 251.00 dollars for being over gvw plus you get another fine for being over axle weight so that would be another 100 dollars plus another 5 dollars for every 100lbs over axle rating.

    The brakes on a 1 ton GMC are not rated to stop a truck grossing 14,727lbs its why they build 4500 and 5500 trucks.

    So real world capacities that slip in box will only beable to carry 1 yard of most sand and gravel for topsoil you may beable to carry 2.5 yards.

    I sure hope you don't have any steep hills where you live I know I wouldn't want to be driving a truck that could be 3000lbs overloaded the truck wouldn't stop worth a damn.

    Personally you are wasting your money leasing a P/U and putting a slip in dump box if you think you can get away with running it overloaded you will be in a big surprise when the DOT catches you. You will also be in for a big surprise when you cause a accident with your overloaded truck and you kill people. Your insurance is null and void because you were over gvw so if you do kill people your bank account will suffer and you will prolly spend some jail time.

    I drive truck for a living and it bugs the crap out of me to see that people think they can run a grossly overloaded P/U truck and think its normal. Get the proper sized truck or don't even bother try hauling material on your own. You pretty much need a 1.5 ton truck if you want a dump truck that will carry more than a yard of material. I hope you don't plan on making money with the truck because you definatly won't be only hauling a yard at a time.
  8. start2finish

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    how about leasing a cab/chassis, and going to a upfitter(truck body manufactuer) get the name off the other trucks on the yard, probably off the mudflaps(dump truck) and have the body installed out of pocket. Then after 3 years have the bed reinstalled on your roll-over(new truck). I am very curious how the numbers crunch out on this. I am not familiar with in's and out's or leasing.

    Also a dump insert is VERY DANGEROUS while loading, particularly with a leased vehicle. Lots of times the truck gets bumped while loading (over 3 years it WILL happen) and the truck bed will be crushed. A dump body will take the extra abuse.

    Also a typical dump body will be 12x8 flat with numerous options for sides. Hauling straw or pallets is so much easier. And much more room.

    As for the GVWR ratings they are all underated for saftey, figure a 10%-15% overage and you will be ok.
  9. Gravel Rat

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    I did for get about that you have a dually P/U with fiberglass fenders I sure would hate to see what would happen to them if the loader bumps up against one :laugh:

    You also get bucket drool that falls down the side of the truck down over the fender if your hauling drain rock or navvy jack those can do some damage.
  10. N.H.BOY

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    Hey James, where do you lease from? Who leases a truck with a snow prep. on it? I am not familiar with leases, so it's just a ? I do like the idea of taking off the bed and putting back on in three years.

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