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Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by shovelracer, Sep 2, 2011.

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    I have a truckcraft 8' dump insert for sale. It includes the cab shield and tarp. I am including custom removable metal sides. A leaf box that allows it to carry 10 yards inside. A Giant vac 10 or 11 HP leaf vac with 20' intake hose. At this point I am trying to sell as a package deal. Asking $3000 I have no time for delivery, so pick up only. Located 07860.

    Ill load up pics in the next few days.
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    Alright here's the goods. I'll be very upfront since odds are the buyers will have to travel some and you minus well know exactly what you are coming for.

    The dump insert was bought in 05 or 06. It is mechanically perfect. Raises and lowers no issues. Had it painted last summer. The solenoid was replaced 2 years ago because it got damaged by one of my workers. There was no issue with the old. The pump has never had any issues and never been apart. Fluid and grease fittings have been maintained. The tarp has a small tear in it from the back tailgate rubbing. Does not affect usability. The tailgate has been modified so it can operate as normal plus swing out to allow for dumping with the leaf loader attached. It as the angle iron welded on to provide additional strength. The bed has some denting to it especially on the floor. Mostly golfball sized dings, with a few slightly larger on the sides. It is 100 functional with no holes. The shield is in good condition.

    The side racks are removable and fairly light weight. They are in great condition and are included with the dump. They are attached by going down into the stake pockets on the dump.

    The leaf box is 2 seasons old. Installed on this truck it is a hair over 10' tall and holds approximately 10yds full. The top is half hinged so you can climb up to throw debris in or pack the load down. The hinged section is just plywood and is slightly warped, but functional. The frame is square tubing and the sides are 3/8" ply. I never found a great latch system for the back doors, but the angle iron on the tailgate holds them shut.

    The loader started life as a dual vacuum/blower that no one makes anymore for safety reasons. 2 years ago I converted it to the permanent loader you see. The chute is custom made and not adjustable. The impeller was replaced 2 seasons ago. The motor has been maintained and had relatively low use. The current frame is designed to mount to the back of the tailgate, but if you make new feet you can mount it to any flat surface. The intake is 6" and the tube is about 20', but this slightly smaller size allows for the longer tube and still plenty of power. It has no issues as far as performance goes, just do not expect the performance of a tow behind. In the current setup it can eat a 30 yard pile of dry leaves, convert it to the 10yd dump packed and do it in 20 minutes with a good operator.

    I do not want to separate, but if I do I would like to have buyers lined up for each item. Bottom dollar on the dump and box is 2000. Make offers on the loader.

    Send PM for contact






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    The dump insert is out of the truck and ready for pickup.
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    $1800 without the leaf box. Make offer on the loader.
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    Everything must go. All offers considered.
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    How does the leaf box mount on the truck do you just slip it on top the metal or the metal comes off ?

    would you sell the leaf box and vacuum alone ? how much ? I have a new dump insert on my truck already.
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    PM Sent......
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    PM's sent. First come first serve.

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