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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by fiveoboy01, Jul 27, 2007.

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    As this season has gone on, I simply wish I'd purchased a new truck(cab and chassis duallie) with a dump body on the back. I could have(and still can) gotten a cheby 1-ton 6.0 equipped as such for less than I paid for my truck. They're stickering at around 1K less than my truck was when I purchased it last year...

    Anyways, I'm needing some sort of dump-able hauling ability. I've been looking at the dump inserts and wondering if they're a viable alternative to a dump trailer.... I was looking at one with a 6K# lift capacity and a 2-yard volume, though I can add sides to increase the volume.

    I know some of you are using these. Would I be better off paying twice as much for the dump trailer(weight would not ALL be on the rear suspension this way)? I remember that nobagger is using the Downeaster brand, and these are what I've been looking at. Looking for some input, any and all is appreciated:waving:
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    Depends what you need to haul and how much. My dump trailer can legally (and safely) have a 8,000# load on it. With the wood side I can take 9 cubic yards of debris level. Now, I can't take 9 yards of stone but we have done 10 yards of mulch, 4 yards of topsoil/fill, ~15yds of shredded leaves with the vac, or 2-3 yards of stone. We have also placed 6 pallets of sod in there (500sqft pallets).

    I know for sure the volume isn't going to be the same and I don't believe the capacity will be...for the dually pickup that is. Not sure what the weight rating is but you then have to subtract the dumper itself, you, employees, tools, etc. I found by the time you do that you are lucky to be able to place 2-3 yards of topsoil in there. But, if thats all you do then thats probablly fine.
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    I like the idea of a dump insert but don't think you will get the capacites of lets say an F450/550 or a dump trailer. If the budgets tight pick up a dump trailer, cash to spend get a drump truck with fold down sides. Best of all worlds.

  4. carcrz

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    It really depends on the quantity of material you will need to pick up at one time. You can get 5 yards of mulch in a bed, but only about 3 yards of topsoil due to weight. I use my dump trailer for larger quantities that are in one area, but if I have them scattered I just have Travel'n Trees deliver it to me w/ his Chevy & dump bed. He's got a pretty sweet little setup that you can open a gate, fill your wheelbarrow, & close it again w/o getting any all over the ground. It seems to save me quite a little time that way.
  5. jbone

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    If weight is a problem go with a dump trailer. As a matter of fact even if it isnt go with a dump trailer. They are much more versatile. A friend of mine just bought a dump insert, however, he got it for dirt cheap and it works great!!! They are definitely useful, but I would rather invest in something that can carry more weight, can double as storage in the winter, and has more volume capacity than a dump insert. HTH

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